Hiroshima Maiden

Of puppets and bombs
Robert Een
Robert Een
Jeff Berman
Bill Ruyle
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new classical
music for dance

Hiroshima, Japan

Release Date: 
Dec 26, 2011
Liner Notes: 
1 CD
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Song TitleTimePrice
1.Hiroshima Maiden: Overture: Hiroshima Maiden01:40$0.99
2.Hiroshima Maiden: Pilot's Prayer02:39$0.99
3.Hiroshima Maiden: Plane Over the City02:48$0.99
4.Hiroshima Maiden: Day of Wrath03:48$0.99
5.Hiroshima Maiden: Kimono Dance04:55$0.99
6.Hiroshima Maiden: Censored02:05$0.99
7.Hiroshima Maiden: Broken Waltz03:11$0.99
8.Hiroshima Maiden: Building the City04:09$0.99
9.Hiroshima Maiden: Running - Hesitation03:00$0.99
10.Hiroshima Maiden: Broken Waltz (reprise)01:17$0.99
11.Hiroshima Maiden: Beseeching the Gods and Fear of Flying03:33$0.99
12.Hiroshima Maiden: In a Dream04:18$0.99
13.Hiroshima Maiden: Doo Itasimaste03:08$0.99
14.Hiroshima Maiden: Way of Seeing 1 and 203:55$0.99
15.Hiroshima Maiden: Bureaucratic Tango04:25$0.99
16.Hiroshima Maiden: Photo Shoot03:34$0.99
17.Hiroshima Maiden: Culture War02:02$0.99
18.Hiroshima Maiden: Ground Zero05:53$0.99
19.Hiroshima Maiden (reprise)01:45$0.99
20.Hiroshima Maiden: In a Dream (reprise)01:41$0.99
21.Hiroshima Maiden: Plane Over the City (reprise)02:02$0.99
22.Hiroshima Maiden: Final Photo Shoot and Suspended)02:44$0.99
24.Hiroshima Maiden: Overture: Hiroshima Maiden01:40$0.99
25.Hiroshima Maiden: Pilot's Prayer02:39$0.99
26.Hiroshima Maiden: Plane Over the City02:48$0.99
27.Hiroshima Maiden: Day of Wrath03:48$0.99
28.Hiroshima Maiden: Kimono Dance04:55$0.99
29.Hiroshima Maiden: Censored02:05$0.99
30.Hiroshima Maiden: Broken Waltz03:11$0.99
31.Hiroshima Maiden: Building the City04:09$0.99
32.Hiroshima Maiden: Running - Hesitation03:00$0.99
33.Hiroshima Maiden: Broken Waltz (reprise)01:17$0.99
34.Hiroshima Maiden: Beseeching the Gods and Fear of Flying03:33$0.99
35.Hiroshima Maiden: In a Dream04:18$0.99
36.Hiroshima Maiden: Doo Itasimaste03:08$0.99
37.Hiroshima Maiden: Way of Seeing 1 and 203:55$0.99
38.Hiroshima Maiden: Bureaucratic Tango04:25$0.99
39.Hiroshima Maiden: Photo Shoot03:34$0.99
40.Hiroshima Maiden: Culture War02:02$0.99
41.Hiroshima Maiden: Ground Zero05:53$0.99
42.Hiroshima Maiden (reprise)01:45$0.99
43.Hiroshima Maiden: In a Dream (reprise)01:41$0.99
44.Hiroshima Maiden: Plane Over the City (reprise)02:02$0.99
45.Hiroshima Maiden: Final Photo Shoot and Suspended)02:44$0.99

Hiroshima Maiden

One Sheet: 

Hiroshima Maiden is the Obie Award winning musical score by Robert Een for Dan Hurlin’s puppet/theater piece in which the musical explorations from the East meet the musical experimentations of the East Village. This seventy-minute studio recording features the composer on cello and voice, with hammered dulcimer, vibraphone, lap dulcimer, marimba and percussion in New Music that is at once melodic, conceptually inventive, heart-felt and thought provoking.

The music reflects both the sorrow and suffering endured by victims of the atomic bomb, as well as the cultural clash of a small group of young Japanese women being brought to the very country that dropped the bomb, for 1950’s “state of the art” plastic surgery.

Robert Een is an acclaimed composer, cellist and singer. In addition to the 2004 Obie Award, he received a 2000 New York Dance and Performance Award for sustained achievement in music composition and performance, and has created numerous scores for film, television, dance and theater, as well as for the concert stage. He has recorded eight albums of his music. His long-time collaboration with Meredith Monk culminated in the evening- length performance, Facing North.

Band members Bill Ruyle and Jeff Berman are award winning musicians and veterans of New York’s downtown music scene. Hiroshima Maiden premiered in New York City at St. Ann’s Warehouse with a live score and has toured extensively throughout the United States. 



“The incredible music by Robert Een mixes jazz, Asian, vocal and instrumental music in moving and melodious ways.”

by Paulanne Simmons


“Robert Een has written a very moving score.”

by Margo Jefferson


“No one knows better how to be avant-garde and have fun at the same time than Robert Een.”

by Kyle Gann