Design instructions and templates


If you are using your own graphic designer for an approved innova project), you will need to use these templates, logos and legalese.


We love InDesign files (or CS5 files in layers). We prefer to receive files via or Dropbox or on CDR so we can do any final changes and spine conformation. Please make three files (Disc, Tray, Booklet-in imposed page order) and supply folders for Scans (CMYK, 300 dpi) and Mac Fonts. Also a laser proof, folded in print order if there is any doubt. Please do not just send pdf's; we need to have access to the original files for any last minute changes. If your layout is in Photoshop or Illustrator do not make outlines unless you have already submitted pdfs for approval and there are no further changes to be made at our end.

We can do Digipak, wallets and jewel box formats most easily. You can get some ideas for the varieties of available Digipaks here.

TRAY CARD (if using a Jewel Box) (4/0, 4/1 or 4/4) aka TRACK LISTING PAGE

  • [Please use 6 or 7 pt. Futura Book or similar]

innova is the label of the American Composers Forum.
© [YOUR NAME/PUBLISHER HERE], 2014. All Rights Reserved.   www.YOURWEBSITE.COM

[Always include track number, track title, track timing, total timings]

  • innova and ACF logos
  • Bar code: make a picture box with a white background. [Ask and we shall send you an EPS to place in it]
  • Spines: Artist, Title in Milwaukee font (we can take care of the spines, just leave a blank background)
    Catalog number: innova (Futura Book Oblique) 9XX
    This catalog number appears over a Pantone 1525 CV (orange) background (not a spot color) box with rounded/lozenge ends, one end bleeding off the edge.
  • Specify your preference for insert tray color (clear, white or black)


Artist, Title,
P. © ARTIST'S NAME, 2014 [ask for the circle P symbol]
All Rights Reserved.
innova 9XX
[7 pt. Futura, innova in italics] 

Please make sure you use the right template. Block colors work better than fine gradations. CMYK is an option but doesn't always print as smoothly as it would on paper; generally use up to three Pantone Coated colors only (including white flood if requested), and specify them clearly on the file. Remember this is a screen printing process that throws dots of ink onto plastic: textures may appear and gradients are not super smooth. No need to include the stacking ring; you can print right up to the center if you have a white flood backer.


Use whatever size you need to make it look great; each additional 4pp spread adds cost though. Include credits, recording dates, Producer, Engineer, and photo/designer credits, other funder thanks. Add:

Innova Director: Philip Blackburn
Manager: Chris Campbell
Publicist: Steve McPherson

Innova is supported by an endowment from the McKnight Foundation.

Please send pdf's of proofs for comment before submitting your art work. We do reserve final veto over design decisions (generally if they are too boring or cliched). As a general rule, err on the wild rather than conservative side (we want these things to jump off the shelves). We will send you links to online proofs before we go to print. You may ask for a hard-copy proof (for an extra $100) if you prefer (usually only for legibility or precise matching issues).

Select your Design template here.

We will need you to supply the iTunes Digital Booklet version of your packaging too.


If your mastering engineer can burn the ISRC codes into the production master these are the codes. Even better if they can write the BWAV format that allows the text to appear immediately in various players:

US29K14xxx01 where xxx = the innova catalog number and the final two digits are the tracks

For delivering the audio, please send links to a DDP fileset, 192Hz MP3 files, and/or two unplayed CDR masters in the mail. Please let us know if you have 24bit resolution files available for us to offer to iTunes for their own mastering process.

Questions: Philip Blackburn
pblackburn AT
651 251-2823

You can download the innova and ACF logos below.