Jennifer Higdon

Artist: Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia
Composers: Jennifer Higdon, Andrea Clearfield, James Primosch
Performers: Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia, Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, Sanford Sylvan
Three major choral works on three human themes
Artist: PRISM Quartet
Composers: Roshanne Etezady, Zack Browning, Tim Ries
Performers: PRISM Quartet, Timothy McAllister, Zachary Shemon
Two dozen 20th birthday greetings for the yeoman sax folk
Artist: Orchestra 2001
Composers: Jennifer Higdon, Andrew Rudin, Gunther Schuller
Performers: Orchestra 2001, James Freeman, Diane Monroe
From the heel to the point
Artist: Mary Kathleen Ernst
Composers: Vivian Fung, Jennifer Higdon, Katherine Hoover
Performers: Mary Kathleen Ernst
Contemporary gems for piano