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Innova Staff

Director of Recordings: Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell

“Christopher Campbell not only makes his own extremely unique music but he also helps make music by lots of other composers happen." —NewMusicBox

Chris Campbell is the Director of Recordings at innova recordings, and is also a composer and producer.

From sit-down concerts to all-night festivals, his music has been performed and heard from New Zealand to Montserrat to the United Kingdom to the United States.  Praised as “heady”,  possessing “elements of post-Minimalism, avant-garde rock, jazz and global-fusion styles that mingle and merge with dreamlike mutability” (The New York Times) and “oscillating between the comforting and the exotic, with occasional creepy moments” (Time Out Chicago), Campbell’s compositions are profound meditations on sacred space, ritual, and sonic texture.

Campbell’s current focus is musical micro and macro systems that can combine in a modular fashion. To realize these concepts he’s collaborated with English instrument builder Tom Fox and other musical colleagues ranging from members of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and Minnesota Orchestra, to Twin Cities band Aaron and the Sea, and violinist/composer extraordinaire Todd Reynolds. Newly invented drone instruments, and spatial compositions where indeterminacy rides alongside cunningly detailed passagework have been the latest results of this line of work.   

For him, music continues to be a vehicle for community, for quiet assertive communication, and for bold listening.

Manager of Recordings and Advertising: Tim Igel

Tim Igel

Pronouns: he/him/his

Tim is a music maker who focuses on recorded music projects as well as creating open musical experiences that anyone can participate in. He sees his musical practice as a way to imagine our present and future world in a different way.

At innova and ACF, Tim is focused on collaborating with artists to amplify their music and their stories. 

Outside of music, he can often be found biking around the twin-cities, learning about art and sustainability, exploring new places, and playing video games with friends. 

You should contact him if you have any questions regarding marketing yourself and/or your music.


ACF President and CEO: Vanessa Rose

Vice President of Finance: Paul Hanson 

Director of Communications: Dameun Strange

Manager of Artist Services, Social Media: Haley Olson