Daddy's Pockets

Goes well with mint tea
Basya Schechter
Pharaoh's Daughter
Tracey Love Wright
Jen Gilleran
Russ Riley
Adam Levy
Michael Viscelia
Jim Allen
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solo voice
Middle Eastern

New York, NY

Release Date: 
Dec 13, 2011
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1 CD

Daddy's Pockets

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This debut Pharaoh’s Daughter record revisits the early years of Jewish Orthodox refugee and world traveler, Basya Schechter of Pharaoh’s Daughter. There are echoes of Morocco, shtetl’s in Eastern Europe, and tabla and sitar from India. Also syncopated guitars, and sinuous flutes, penny whistles and crumhorns by Tracey Love Wright, whom Schechter met during college on the train platform at Columbus Circle. The album features a young and fresh approach to songwriting steeped in rhythm and melodies outside the usual Western chordal structures; full of yearning, melancholy and celebration. 

Guests include Adam Levy (Norah Jones’s guitarist) and Michael Viscelia (Suzanne Vega’s bassist). The album was produced by Richard Julian who has written a few songs on Norah’s most recent release. This innova release is a reissue of Pharaoh’s Daughter’s 1999 self-released album.

Basya Schechter: Guitar, vocals
Tracey Love: Flute, crumhorn, vocals, zills, vocal intro
Jen Gilleran: Tabla
Russ Riley: Drums, gong, darbuka
Adam Levy: Electric guitar
Benoir: Electric guitar
Zarifah: Tambora
Michael Visceglia: Bass
Jim Allen: Low Nevermore 


Lush, exotic, intoxicating.

- Clay Steakly, Performing Songwriter

With Pharaoh's Daughter and their recording, Daddy's Pockets, there's certainly something magical and something synergistic happening. For a band that originates from New York City you could never tell, as their music is a hybrid of ancient Jewish and Mediterranean music mixed with an upbeat, city-like hustle-and-bustle aesthetic. The combination of all of these elements is certainly exciting. Daddy's Pockets is quite possibly one of the finest and most unified band recordings, and the word band here is the key word, as this reviewer has come across very few ensembles who have the kind of togetherness that Pharaoh's Daughter has. This is an excellent recording and certainly one that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Fantastic.

- Matt Borghi, All Music Guide

Pharaoh's Daughter is a vehicle for the singing and songwriting of Basya Schechter, who might be described as an Orthodox Jewish version of Sarah McLachlan... fascinating.

- George Robinson, Jewish Week

I want more of this band, much more! They are so good!

- Derek Reid, fRoots