The Circadian Rhythm Kings

The Circadian Rhythm Kings

Periodic and chaotic attractors
Todd Brunel
Andrew Hickman
Ken Field
John Funkhouser
Gary Fieldman
Todd Brunel
Andrew Hickman
Ken Field
John Funkhouser
Gary Fieldman
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East Boston, MA

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Apr 24, 2008
Digital Only
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Song TitleTimePrice
1.Kind of Circadian08:58$0.99
2.State of Drew01:25$0.99
3.The Early Worm05:17$0.99
4.Escape Goat07:14$0.99
5.The Pen06:25$0.99
6.Paul's New Ride05:33$0.99
7.Why 342 Was Scared12:06
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The Circadian Rhythm Kings (The CRhyK) have created a winding journey rooted in jazz, classical and funk idioms, ruled by chaos theory. Most of the album was recorded for a live radio broadcast with each musician coming into the studio with no preconceived musical ideas, with one general understanding: nobody leads and everyone listens. Clarinetist Todd Brunel, tenor sax man Andrew Hickman and alto sax man Ken Field lead this ensemble, painting the sound of a new undiscovered terrain. With the rhythm section of double bassist John Funkhouser and Drummer Gary Fieldman, three horns float, mix, punctuate, cry and scream through a winding myriad of places real and imagined. This is music by musicians for musicians and anyone else who believes that music is limitless. 

Andrew Hickman, tenor sax, indigenous wind instruments
Ken Field, alto sax, flute
Todd Brunel, clarinet, bass clarinet
John Funkhouser, double bass
Gary Fieldman, drumset


The biological rhythm of day and night is called the circadian rhythm. The Circadian Rhythm Kings is a band which has not stolen its name : they bring highly rhythmic free bop, free funk, free jazz or whatever you name it, alternately, but which immediately appeal to you biological system, and at times it's hard to keep from dancing along. Most pieces are based on a regular beat, but some, as "The Early Worm", are more abstract work-outs, with all instruments more focused on creating an abstract soundscape. The band consists of Andrew Hickman on tenor sax and indigenous wind instruments, Ken Field on alto sax and flute, Todd Brunel on clarinet and bass clarinet, John Funkhouser on double bass and Gary Fieldman on drums. The music is excellent, even really beautiful at times, with bluesy ("The Pen") and sometimes even middle-eastern influences ("Escape Goat"), but the band is at its best when they funk like hell, like on the last two tracks, on which the front-line of the three reeds creates lots of variation and intertwining melodies and counterpoint, while bass and drums create a beat seldom heard in such an otherwise free environment. Fans of Exploding Customer and The Fully Celebrated Orchestra will surely enjoy this one too.

- Freejazz