La Commedia

La Commedia

Harlequins, Ghosts and Fantasies
Daniel Kingman
Richard Cionco
James Een
Susan Lamb Cook
Betty Woo
Justin Blasdale
Laurel Zucker
Marc Shapiro
Catalog Number: 
new classical
in memoriam

Sacramento, CA

Release Date: 
Jan 1, 1996
Liner Notes: 
1 CD
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Song TitleTimePrice
1.La Commedia: No. 1. Harlequin dances01:28$0.99
2.La Commedia: No. 2. Columbine dances01:17$0.99
3.La Commedia: No. 3. Pulcinella plays a crude practical joke00:58$0.99
4.La Commedia: No. 4. Love-sick Pierrot sings a mournful song in the moonlight02:25$0.99
5.La Commedia: No. 5. Harlequin does a magic trick01:47$0.99
6.La Commedia: No. 6. Harlequin and Columbine lull Pantaloon to sleep with a Nocturne01:37$0.99
7.La Commedia: No. 7. Pantaloon, duped by Harlequin and Columbine, complains vehemently about the miscarriage of his designs00:40$0.99
8.La Commedia: No. 8. The Doctor delivers a tedious discourse01:39$0.99
9.La Commedia: No. 9. Harlequin performs acrobatic feats01:14$0.99
10.Scenario musical I: I. Preambbule et caprice04:36$0.99
11.Scenario musical I: II. Menage a trios04:09$0.99
12.Scenario musical I: III. Danse du batelier02:38$0.99
13.Scenario musical I: IV. Rejouissance05:54$0.99
14.Fantasy-Mosaic: Homage to Stephen Foster07:40$0.99
15.Dances and Ghost Dances: I. Allemande01:23$0.99
16.Dances and Ghost Dances: II. Allemande Double02:02$0.99
17.Dances and Ghost Dances: III. Courante01:59$0.99
18.Dances and Ghost Dances: IV. Courante Double01:58$0.99
19.Dances and Ghost Dances: V. Sarabande02:40$0.99
20.Dances and Ghost Dances: VI. Sarabande Double04:06$0.99
21.Dances and Ghost Dances: VII. Gigue01:14$0.99
22.Dances and Ghost Dances: VIII. Gigue Double01:16$0.99
23.Scenario musical II: I. Sonatine03:21$0.99
24.Scenario musical II: II. Petite mazurka01:12$0.99
25.Scenario musical II: III. Rhapsodie sur la mazurka03:02$0.99
26.Scenario musical II: IV. Petite valse01:51$0.99
27.Scenario musical II: V. Tarantelle sur la valse01:48$0.99
One Sheet: 
Chamber music inspired by Commedia Dell'Arte


"These sketches are very attractive, full of humor, grace and charm... He wants to recall the spirit of America's troubadour, and does so beautifully... (Ghost Double) The effect is stunning!"

- Jocelyn Mackey