The Tick-Tock Club

The Tick-Tock Club

A messy but delectable whole
Graham Reynolds
Graham Reynolds
Golden Arm Trio
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new classical

Austin, TX

Release Date: 
Feb 17, 2017
Digital Only
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Song TitleTimePrice
1.Dmitri Dmitryevich01:12$0.99
2.The Tick-Tock Club03:08$0.99
3.The End of Speedy Jinx03:07$0.99
4.20 Million Ways to Die in Chicago02:43$0.99
5.He Lies Like an Eyewitness02:25$0.99
8.The Duchess of Parma04:14$0.99
10.Cosimo Matassa01:30$0.99
11.Bulldoze (The Super-Power Dance)04:08$0.99
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Part movie soundtrack, part crime jazz, part classical tribute, part boisterous rock & roll, The Tick-Tock Club is easily the most ambitious of the Golden Arm Trio's three releases and its first in six years. It might initially sound like a hodgepodge, but GAT ringmaster Graham Reynolds and his revolving ATX ensemble have interwoven various streams and motifs that return in different guises. One theme appears as an orchestral piece in "The End of Speedy Jinx" and later as a Raymond Scott cartoon romp on "Disco." Likewise, the frenetic, horn-driven title track reappears as a cello/piano sonata on "Greyhound." The album bookends nicely with two different reflections on Reynolds' tribute to Shostakovich, one as minimalism, the other florally orchestral. The footloose spirit of rock & roll ties it altogether into a messy but delectable whole.  -Austin Chronicle


Much of the album is imbued with the same frenetic energy, although tracks such as He Likes An Eyewitness provide an effective counterweight, rich in quiet menace with a simple, brooding melody and rain-on-concrete soundscape. Similarly, the downbeat opener, Dmitri Dmitryevich, exudes a feeling of sinister melancholy, as if Peter Lorre had been reincarnated as a pair of double basses with a hint of synth undertone. -BBC


Graham Reynolds and the Golden Arm Trio

The Tick-Tock Club


Produced by Graham Reynolds

Co-Produced by Buzz Moran


Music Composed by Graham Reynolds


Recorded by Graham Reynolds with Buzz Moran.

Recorded at Red House Studio, Austin, Texas.  

Mastered by Russ Smith at Chocolate Media


Cover art and Layout by Buzz Moran



Jonathan Dexter-cello; Bruce Colson, Caroline Slack, Joseph Shuffield-violin; Jason Elinoff, Michalis Koutsoupides-viola, Jessica Gilliam-Valls, Erik Grostic, Lindsay Greene-upright bass; Paul Klemperer, Thad Scott, David Chenu-saxes; Brian Shaw, Mike Hoffer-trumpet; Jerome Smith, Wayne Myers, Mike Hoffer: trombone; Josh Robins. Aaryn Russell, Adam Sultan-guitars; Naomi Seidman-flute, Leigh Ann Woodard-oboe, Chuck Fischer-vibes; Buzz Moran-Percussion; Graham Reynolds-piano. drums and misc.