Outrages and Interludes

Outrages and Interludes

From Waco to Occupy
John Halle
Le Train Bleu
Lucy Dhegrae
Ensemble IOU
Corey Dargel
Joan Tower
Kendra Colten
Pam Dellal
Kyle Gann
Noew Ensemble
Sarah Chalfy
David Graeber
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new classical
solo voice

Red Hook, NY

Release Date: 
Jul 29, 2014
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1 CD
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Song TitleTimePrice
2.Full Spectrum Dominance06:41$0.99
3.The Twist05:35$0.99
4.God's Love04:16$0.99
5.Mortgaging the Earth07:30$0.99
7.Apology (To the Next Generation)10:27
8.Upon This Hill10:32
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Outrages and Interludes brings together eight works documenting composer John Halle's decade-long involvement with radical Leftist politics. Described by Kyle Gann "as one of the great unsung totalists,” Halle and his fusion of vernacular styles, kinetic rhythms, formal sophistication, and subtle lyricism point to a new direction in music and political engagement that nevertheless maintains deep roots in the American musical tradition.

Featuring the work of some the finest young musicians including Ransom Wilson's Le train bleu and The Now Ensemble, the collection of salvos takes on bipartisan atrocities dating to the Truman administration, Christian identity stalwart and mass murderer Timothy McVeigh, a former Harvard president's belief in the "impeccable logic" of poisoning Africans and concludes with an inspirational guest appearance by Occupy Wall Street’s David Graeber in an extended reflection on a seminal 18th century anarchist text.

Conor Brown's strikingly elegant production creates a consistently warm and inviting environment for confronting what are sometimes harsh political and musical truths.

Rick Perlstein: "A beautiful invitation to debate."

Richard Taruskin: "Exceptionally angry."

Pitchfork Media: "Seethes in place with magnetic conviction… before burning off, disappearing back into the distance.”

Kyle Gann:  "It’s god’s own truth. God bless him."

LA Times: "Achieves symphonic richness from seemingly simple materials."