Same Rivers Different

Same Rivers Different

What do Basho and Kerouac have in common?
Michael Fiday
Jack Kerouac
Matsuo Basho
Peter Gizzi
Bart Feller
Linda Mark
Mantra Percussion Quartet
Joe Bergen
Al Cerulo
Matt Kantorski
Michael McCurdy
Carla Kihlstedt
Graeme Jennings
Matthias Bossi
Christopher Froh
Soon Cho
Nicholas Naegle
Brianna Goldberg
Laura Sabo
Shiau-uen Ding
James Tocco
Russell Burge
James Culley
Catalog Number: 
new classical
solo voice

Cincinnati, OH

Release Date: 
Jan 27, 2009
Liner Notes: 
1 CD
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Song TitleTimePrice
1.9 Haiku: No. 1. Culture's beginnings: rice-planting songs from the heart of the country.02:09$0.99
2.9 Haiku: No. 2. Above the moor not attached to anything, a skylark singing.01:50$0.99
3.9 Haiku: No. 3. This bright harvest moon keeps me walking all night long around the little pond.00:31$0.99
4.9 Haiku: No. 4. As the sound fades, the scent of the flowers comes up the evening bell.01:52$0.99
5.9 Haiku: No. 5. The lightning flashes and slashing through the darkness, a night heron's screech.00:17$0.99
6.9 Haiku: No. 6. Where's the moon? As the temple bell is sunk in the sea.03:06$0.99
7.9 Haiku: No. 7. Clouds come from time to time and bring to men a chance to rest from looking at the moon.01:30$0.99
8.9 Haiku: No. 8. My eyes following until the bird was lost at sea found a small island.02:32$0.99
9.9 Haiku: No. 9. Sick on a journey, only my dreams will wander these desolate moors.00:40$0.99
10.Hands On!08:29$0.99
11.Dharma Pops: Snap yr finger stop the world! - Rain falls harder00:59$0.99
12.Dharma Pops: Rain's over, hammer on wood - this cobweb rides the sun shine00:36$0.99
13.Dharma Pops: The raindrops have plenty of personality - Each one00:49$0.99
14.Dharma Pops: Bach through an open dawn window - the birds are silent00:34$0.99
15.Dharma Pops: The strumming of the trees reminded me of immortal afternoon00:46$0.99
16.Dharma Pops: Evening coming - The office girl unloosing her scarf00:56$0.99
17.Dharma Pops: Nat Wills - America in 190501:10$0.99
18.Dharma Pops: Useless! useless! - heavy rain driving into the sea00:43$0.99
19.Dharma Pops: The Golden Gate creaks with sunset rust00:33$0.99
20.Dharma Pops: Three pencils arranged, Three minutes, Sambaghakaya, Nirvanakaya, Dharmakaya00:43$0.99
21.Dharma Pops: —01:17$0.99
22.Same Rivers Different08:29$0.99
23.Protest Song04:40$0.99
24.Automotive Passacaglia15:36
One Sheet: 

As the music on his debut CD shows, Michael Fiday is a composer who refuses to accept the oft-held notion that taking risks and appealing to the listener are at odds with one another - in his imaginative sonic universe they are one and the same. 

This collection of engaging chamber music features such works as 9 Haiku, in which a Japanese rice-planting song is set into motion by a pianist playing the body of the instrument like a drum; and Dharma Pops, in which two violinists strum, scrape, scrub and screech on detuned instruments in order to conjure the memory of a long-forgotten vaudeville entertainer. Far from mere novelty act, the inhabitants of Mr. Fiday's sound world are filtered through a highly sensitive and imaginative music that critics have called "clearly structured, colorful and unflaggingly compelling work" (Philadelphia Inquirer). 

Featured on this disc are a first-rate lineup of performers as diverse as the music they play, ranging from acclaimed classical pianist James Tocco, to violinist and contemporary music exponent Graeme Jennings (late of Arditti Quartet), to rock/jazz/experimental violinist Carla Kihlstedt (2-foot yard, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum) - all of whom turn in stellar performances of rhythmically-charged works informed by classical tradition, non-western sources, vernacular music, and minimalist style - without being strictly adherent to any of them in particular. 


Pure magic

- American Record Guide

The assorted pieces of chamber music collected here show him to be a composer with a fertile imagination, a probing inventiveness, an ear for telling instrumental color, and gentle wit. MORE

- All Music Guide