Zachary Konick
Bradley Green
William Kenlon
Rizgar Azad Ismael
Adrian B. Sims
and Christen Taylor Holmes
Rebecca Lloyd
John McDonald
Robby Napoli
Erin Snedecor
Johnny Shaw IV
Skyler Foster
Catalog Number: 
new classical
Release Date: 
May 26, 2023
1 CD
Soundscapes: Music from the University of MarylandiTunes Album Page
Song TitleTimePrice
1.Recurrences - 104:30$0.99
2.Recurrences - 204:14$0.99
3.Five Number Pieces: I. Student ID01:59$0.99
4.Five Number Pieces: II. Teragram01:29$0.99
5.Five Number Pieces: III. Pas de Brouillards01:26$0.99
6.Five Number Pieces: IV. Kleines Triptychon02:36$0.99
7.Five Number Pieces: V. 6351400:42$0.99
9.Crest/ Clutter/ Clamor08:11$0.99
10.Phrygian Journey: I00:58$0.99
11.Phrygian Journey: II01:58$0.99
12.Phrygian Journey: III02:19$0.99
13.Phrygian Journey: IV01:32$0.99
14.Phrygian Journey: V02:13$0.99
15.Phrygian Journey: VI02:46$0.99
16.Phrygian Journey: VII02:49$0.99
17.The Sword of Orion08:28$0.99
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A composition studio of young composers brings with it bright-eyed energy, new ideas, and in the case of Soundscapes from the composers at University of Maryland, a multiplicity of musical approaches.

Of the six works presented here, each is uniquely attuned to its composer's voice. Zachary Konick’s Recurrences plays with musical character which becomes more divergent and individual over time. William Kenlon emulates the piano miniatures of his mentor John McDonald with Five Number Pieces. Christen Taylor Holmes’ Night is a gradual developing chant in canon with plaintive intensity. Crest/Clutter/Clamor by Bradley Green for solo cello consists mainly of an interplay between pure, sustained tones juxtaposed against sections of rhythmically sporadic and sometimes noisy material. Rizgar Azad Ismael creates a cohesive and deeply expressive harmonic palette over the course of Phrygian Journey. Inspired by the awe-striking nebula, The Sword of Orion by Adrian B, Sims portrays the contrasting beauty and danger in a brilliant piece.

The University of Maryland Composers are Zachary Konick, Bradley Green, William Kenlon, Rizgar Azad Ismael, Adrian B. Sims, and Christen Taylor Holmes. All of whom are now moving on to new ventures and bright futures in music and beyond.