Count to Five

Count to Five

Angelica Negron
Allison Loggins-Hull
Ellen Reid
Lesley Flanigan
Mary Kouyoumdjian
Caroline Shaw
Arlene Acevedo
Alexis Carter
Tiahna Sterling
and Aline Vasquez
Catalog Number: 
#1 070
new classical
Release Date: 
Sep 24, 2021
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Song TitleTimePrice
1.Count to Five06:16$0.99
3.Fear Release08:30$0.99
5.Samar's Song05:15$0.99
6.By and By: I. Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown03:58$0.99
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Spellbinding and transcendent, Recap’s debut album, Count to Five, showcases new generations of powerful music makers giving new breath to the world of percussion and contemporary classical music.

A professional percussion quartet of BIPOC women, all alumni of Mantra Youth Percussion, Arlene Acevedo, Alexis Carter, Tiahna Sterling, and Aline Vasquez joined MYP while students at Rahway High School. Recap reevaluates the white male-dominated world of percussion — Arlene Acevedo explains: “We want to show the world that anyone can do this. We’re young women of color doing this... and you can too!”

Recap releases their debut album, Count to Five, on Innova Recordings on September 24th 2021 with music by Angélica Negrón, Allison Loggins-Hull, Ellen Reid, Lesley Flanigan, Mary Kouyoumdjian, and Caroline Shaw. The first track and album’s namesake, written by Angélica Negrón, uses found objects to create a unique and engrossing soundscape, while Hammers by Allison Loggins-Hull reflects on the sound of New York construction and our built environment. Ellen Reid’s Fear | Release is about reframing the familiar in a new light, and is built around a five-note phrase that is echoed and developed in both melodic and textural ways. The Glacial wash of sound on Hedera by Lesley Flanigan is immersive and mesmerizes with swirling transformational voice and percussion. Children of Conflict: "Samar's Song" composed by Mary Kouyoumdjian takes a haunting and heartbreaking story and brings light and hope to our darkest times. Count to Five resolves with Caroline Shaw’s Will there be any Stars in my Crown whichmelds histories and traditions into a contemplative space.  

In 2022, Recap will collaborate with indigenous artists from Alaska to present a new hybrid-work that is part performance/part documentary with support from Found Sound Nation, the Wildshore Festival for New Music, and the United States National Parks Service.

Recap aims to tour their new repertoire across the globe and to inspire other young musicians who might not have considered following a path into contemporary arts.

Recap is a new percussion quartet from a new generation of musicians dedicated to music reflecting the diverse society we live in today. Arlene Acevedo, Alexis Carter, Tiahna Sterling and Aline Vasquez, four musicians from Rahway, NJ, formed Recap through music, friendship and a desire to share their story. As recent alumni of Mantra Youth Percussion, the free-tuition teenage ensemble of Mantra Percussion, Inc., the members of Recap worked closely with different music creators, performing both in their community as well as nationally, learning skills that would provide the groundwork for establishing their own group.

Now as a newly-formed professional ensemble, Recap headlines the 2021 New Music Gathering in Saint Paul, MN in August. Recap releases their debut album “Count to Five” with premiere recordings of music by Angelica Negron, Allison Loggins-Hull, Ellen Reid, Lesley Flanigan, Mary Kouyoumdjian, and Caroline Shaw. Recap will showcase select pieces from the album at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention in Indianapolis, In November, continuing with winter and spring 2022 dates across the country.




"Recap, a young percussion quartet from New Jersey...—all women—offer fresh ways to reconfigure sound, with generally stunning results." [FULL ARTICLE] - Allan Kozinn


"As a musician, it’s often easy to pinpoint the overall themes of an album through instrumentation, genre, and the era with which the music is affiliated. Rarely does a project transcend all of these things, but the debut album from percussion quartet Recap (Arlene Acevedo, Alexis Carter, Tiahna Sterling, and Aline Vasquez) defies the sonic categories that are typically assigned to music." [FULL ARTICLE] - Donna Lee Davidson


"Percussion ensembles tend to be dominated by white men. So the four young women of color who founded the group Recap in 2020 are, by definition, shifting the percussion paradigm. Their distinctive debut album, Count to Five, features works by six women composers and is anchored by Hedera, a mesmerizing, 20-minute piece by Lesley Flanigan." [FULL ARTICLE] - Tom Huizenga


"Throughout the album, the voices of women resonate, with several of the composers lending their literal voices to the ensemble. From found objects to pounding toms and delicately plunking marimba, Count to Five is a timbral kaleidoscope that showcases excellent performances from this young ensemble. " [FULL ARTICLE]


"RECAP, together with composers Angélica Negrón, Allison Loggins-Hull, Lesley Flannigan, Ellen Reid, Mary Kouyoumdjian, Caroline Shaw and the members of TRANSIT New Music have created something that is as visceral as it is kaleidoscopic. From thundering drums to singing metal, gentle, chordal swells to sweet arpeggios, Count to Five leads the listener through a myriad of soundscapes that all hold space for and bring attention to the body." [FULL ARTICLE] - Lisa Atkinson


"Another highlight is New York experimental musician and composer Flanigan’s impressive Hedera which draws from another experimental music lineage, perhaps more Laurie Anderson than John Cage. Hederafeatures Flanigan’s multitrack vocalise, supported by Recap’s tonally ever-modulating bass drum and tom-tom swells. For 20 minutes, their pulsing 16th-note waves propel the work which increases in density and emotional intensity while Flanigan’s voice builds into a massive choir. In the end the drums and choir float away like clouds on a hot summer’s day." [FULL ARTICLE]