Not as chaotic as it sounds
Yvonne Troxler
Glass Farm Ensemble
Margaret Lancaster
Amy Advocat
Gregor Kitzis
Matt Goeke
Bill Trigg
Anthony Di Bartolo
Andrea J. Bianchi
Yvonne Troxler
Taimur Sullivan
Oren Fader
Matt Gold
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new classical

New York City, NY

Release Date: 
Aug 28, 2012
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1 CD
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Song TitleTimePrice
1.Penn I08:15$0.99
2.Shergotty: I. —03:41$0.99
3.Shergotty: II. —03:02$0.99
4.Shergotty: III. —02:49$0.99
5.Brouhaha: I. —05:31$0.99
6.Brouhaha: II. —05:53$0.99
8.Kaleidoskop: I. —02:05$0.99
9.Kaleidoskop: II. —02:04$0.99
10.Kaleidoskop: III. —02:25$0.99
One Sheet: 

Brouhaha, the new album by Glass Farm Ensemble founder and director Yvonne Troxler, is far more than an assemblage of her most compelling new chamber pieces—it works the seams where music connects to the world and finds startling connections there. Whether drawing on the natural tones produced by a high-rise building in New York City during a storm (Penn 1), calling on the metaphorical weight of meteorites disguised as common rocks in a small Indian village in the three movements of Shergotty, or incorporating glass bowls into a work inspired by a Swiss musical tradition of rolling coins inside ceramic bowls, Troxler’s music doesn’t stand apart from the clamor of everyday life but instead embraces and celebrates it.

Founded in 2000, the Glass Farm Ensemble presents programs of new works by cutting-edge American composers and music from Europe’s thriving music scene. The group produces a concert series in New York City and travels extensively in Europe and throughout North America. Their first album, In Four, was released in 2008 by innova Recordings.

Pianist/composer Yvonne Troxler’s works have been performed at the “Construction In Process” festival in Poland, at the “Stanser Musikstage” in Switzerland, at the “Neue Musik in Rumlingen” festival in Switzerland and in numerous concerts with the Glass Farm Ensemble. She also composed the music for the film Off Hour by Daniel Frei and Life Without Compromise by Suzan Al-Doghachi. She is a visiting professor at the University of Lucerne in Switzerland and lives and works in New York City.


"At the start of Ms. Troxler’s “Shergotty,” a percussion trio, Ms. Godbole and Mr. Di Bartolo evoked volleys of bird song on antiphonal clusters of wood blocks, as Mr. Trigg bowed overtone-rich drones at a marimba’s low end. The second movement pitted the marimba’s density against a vibraphone’s clarity. In a playful finale inspired by the Martian meteorite of the work’s title, players used intricate four-mallet techniques to produce buoyant flurries on bongos, glockenspiel and more." [FULL ARTICLE]
Steve Smith 

“Troxler shows eloquence, memorability and inspired craftsmanship in this round of chamber works. Ant Farm is a superior performance vehicle that excels is realizing the music. That's a terrific combination and this album brings lots of pleasure!” [FULL ARTICLE]
Greg Edwards