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Artist: Salo
Composers: Ben Gallina, Paul Hindemith
Performers: Alex Hamlin, Ed RosenBerg, Josh Rutner
Serene and chaotic, elegant and awkward, simple and intricate...
Artist: Andrew Sterman
Composers: Andrew Sterman
Performers: Andrew Sterman, Todd Reynolds, Richie Vitale
Nothing dry about this
Artist: Judith Shatin
Composers: Judith Shatin
Performers: Borup-Ernst Duo
Ingenious and unusual music...with universal emotional appeal
Artist: Zack Browning
Composers: Zack Browning
Performers: Kim McCormick, McCormick Percussion Ensemble, Robert McCormick
Planetary magic squares are only the half of it
Artist: Psychoangelo
Composers: Psychoangelo, Glen Whitehead, Michael Theodore
Performers: Psychoangelo, Glen Whitehead, Michael Theodore
Sonic quilts from a wide-angle lens
Artist: PRISM Quartet / Music from China
Composers: Wang Guowei, Zhou Long, Lei Liang
Performers: PRISM Quartet, Music from China
The sound of East meeting West
Artist: Michael Ellison
Composers: Michael Ellison
Performers: Borromeo String Quartet, Helen Bledsoe, Kani Karaca
An American in Turkey
Artist: University of St. Thomas (UST) Symphonic Wind Ensemble
Composers: Ralph Hultgren, Luis Nani, Kit Turnbull
Performers: UST Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Matthew George
University of St. Thomas Commission Series, Vol. III
Artist: Timothy McAllister
Composers: Caleb Burhans, Kristin Kuster, Kati Agocs
Performers: Timothy McAllister, Lucia Unrau, Robert Spring
This gold is not for fools
Artist: Frank Almond
Composers: Philip Lasser, Ned Rorem, Peter Lieberson
Performers: Frank Almond, Brian Zeger
The Return of the Strad
Artist: Jamie Begian Big Band
Composers: Jamie Begian
Performers: Jamie Begian Big Band
Open wide, smile.
Artist: Christopher Burns
Composers: Christopher Burns
Performers: Christopher Froh
The two Christophers
Artist: Anti-Social Music
Composers: Pat Muchmore
Performers: Anti-Social Music
Be warned (in a good way)
Artist: Volti
Composers: Aaron Jay Kernis, Kurt Rohde, Gabriela Lena Frank
Performers: Volti, Robert Geary
New Directions in American Choral Music
Artist: Grand Valley State University (GVSU) New Music Ensemble
Composers: Jack Dangers, Mason Bates, Glenn Kotche
Performers: Bill Ryan, Grand Valley State University (GVSU) New Music Ensemble
45 Years after: Terry Riley's kaleidoscope turns