Jennifer Bellor

Reflections at Dusk

Innova 045



1.         Cerulean Twilight (2018)  8:15

            Ying Zhang, violin

            Andrew Smith, cello

            Emily Montoya Barnes, harp

            Luc Brust, vibraphone and wind chimes

            Gabriela Ordoñez Villalobos, marimba and wind chimes

            Tim Jones, multi percussion

            Geoff Neuman, double bass


2.         Amethyst Sunset (2019)  8:51

            Olga Shupyatskaya, piano

            Futaba Niekawa, piano

            Hannah Weaver and Kyle Peters, percussion


3.         Indigo Nocturne (2019)  5:56

            Shawna Pennock, alto saxophone

            Merrick Haji-Sheikh, electric vibraphone

            Emily Montoya Barnes, harp

            Gabriela Ordoñez Villalobos, multi percussion

            Molly Redfield, double bass and electric bass


4.         High Resolution (2019)  4:47

            Clark High School Symphonic Strings

            Chuck Cushinery, director

            Tara Ogden-Skouson, harp

            Merrick Haji-Sheikh, vibraphone


5.         Skylark Lullaby (2014)  10:28

            Eastman Saxophone Project

            Chien-Kwan Lin, director


6.         Reflections at Dusk (2019)  4:15

            James Whiting, vibraphone

            Merrick Haji-Sheikh, electric vibraphone

            Emily Montoya Barnes, harp

            Gabriela Ordoñez Villalobos, marimba


                                    — 42:33 —



Mastering: Gil Kaupp

Producers: Jennifer Bellor and Dave Rivello (co-producer)

Executive Producer: Phil Joy

Cover design: Brooke Vreeland

Photography: Phil Joy

Tracks 1 (Fall 2018), 3 and 6 (June 2019), and 4 (May 2019) recorded and mixed by Ron George,

UNLV Recording Studio.

Tracks 2 (July 2019) and 5 (December 2018) recorded and mixed by Rich Wattie.


Special Thanks:

To Dave Rivello, Michael Torke, and Phil Joy for feedback listening to mixes

To Phil Joy for support and inspiration

To my parents Sue and Ken Bellor and sister Kate Bellor for their endless support

To Nevada Arts Council for support of recording costs for Cerulean Twilight


The album cover was captured during the Mw 7.1 earthquake at 8:19pm, July 5, 2019 on the Whitney Mesa Trail located in Henderson, NV. The tremors resulted in a dusty haze that lingered for several moments.


Innova Director: Philip Blackburn

Operations Director: Chris Campbell

Publicist: Tim Igel


Innova is supported by an endowment from the McKnight Foundation.