Aaron Irwin

Music for Sextet

Innova 059



The Teller and The Tale: 6:38

The Hayflick Limit: 5:27

Slow Country: 7:40

Love Song: 6:31

In Stillness: 7:12

Some Luck: 4:56

In the In-Betweens: 3:54

Boarding House: 4:59


Total Time: 46:50


Aaron Irwin – clarinet

Peter Hess – clarinet

Matthew McDonald – trombone

Emily Wong – horn

Kyle Sanna – guitar

Gary Wang – bass


Recorded February 1 and 2, 2020 @ Oktaven Audio

Mixed and Mastered by Ryan Streber

Special thanks to JC Sanford

Cover Art by Bryan Murray

Innova Director: Philip Blackburn

Operations Director: Chris Campbell

Publicist: Tim Igel


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