Bill Wolford’s HEAD

Innova 518


How far are we from our hometown roots

How many miles does a guy have to travel

Before he’s paid his dues and lost those

Hometown Boots


Fall into that trance and dance and dance and dance

You can’t move too fast from the place you grew up on

You’ve tried that scene and that scene tried you

Ya spat each out, but you still want something new to chew

Yes you do

And they’re ready to take you in, no matter how far you go

Them the ones they look familiar but comfortable though

Then ya look down to see a pair of Hometown Boots

And they’re on your feet, familiar but comfortable though


And comfort’s the key it unlocks that door to those habits

Shirts and Language that you used to use So you traveled

Far away and it worked for about 1 year Then comfort set in

and your eyes stayed shut And you been spinnin’ your tries in that

same old rut

Yeah them Hometown Boots got the souls wore through

Not bad enough to trash, but too good not to wear

You don’t notice when it’s sunny, but then you walk through a

Puddle And your socks get wet and you wonder how they could’ve

Got into that condition



Right On Brother was composed for the band Beef Curtans, using live recorded material along with “found” Sounds, digital editing and processing.  It was composed as on opening for their CD that was never made.  It features my bro Mark Wolford on Drums, Perry Fulfs on percussion, Brad Deinstoier on bass and Jim Holman recorded the live drums.


Hometown Boots, Nonconformist Blues and Arrivaderci were performed by myself on guitar and Vox.  Garry Transue on bass and Vox, Mark Wolford on drums and Greg Bear on organs.  Arrivaderci was written by Garry, Brad Purkey engineered and sang a bit too.


Jazz Muzik, Minuet, Maybe the World Won’t End and Chickens were all performed completely live by Fidget and Groove (Myself and Garry T.).  Garry wrote Jazz Muzic and Maybe the World Won’t End.  Garry played bass and Acoustic guitar, electronics and sang.  I played electric ( & prepared ) guitar (Bass and Vox on Chickens)


Equilibrium and Easter Egg Hunt were done wilst I starved in college, but had access to the studios with lots of time to experiment with my hands!!  People like Brad Purkey, Ari Langer, Jerimiah Morre helped record. Karl Morrison played sax on EEH and Miles Vedder played drums on Equilibrium.


Ratiug, Prelude and Frames Of Minds are compositions that I wrote for the band Chaotic Regime.  Ratiug being a much earlier recording.  The band was Peter Randlette on bass, myself on guitars, Nate Griggs on keys, Dan Black on drums, Ari Langer on violin and Tina Benshoff on Vox. (Vincent Gates played guitar also on Frames Of Minds.)  Peter and I co-produced Prelude and Frames of Minds which were previously released  on Chaotic Regims’s CD “Period Double”.


Drink –n- Drugs is my latest composition based on a loop by Rob Windham on bass and wah bass. Mark Wolford drums, Jerry Schraeder turntables and filters and myself on guitar, trumpet and textures.