Steve Heitzeg

Death of the Dream: Farmhouses in the Heartland is a story of America’s rural past and a forgotten lifestyle.

            The vanishing farmhouses of the midwest – and the rich lives that were lived in them – are the subject of this lyrical documentary.

            Based on the book by St. Paul photographer and essayist William Gabler, Death of the Dream is told by historians, farm experts, and, most importantly,

the people who lived “The Dream” of life on the farm.

            Death of the Dream traces the evolution of the classic farmhouse – from its humble origins through the high-tech present – and charts the impact that changing economics have had on the lives of midwestern farm families.

            Sketched with humor, sympathy, and a good dose of frankness, these stories capture the dignity of a vanishing lifestyle.

            The film is narrated by Linda Kelsey; featuring poets Robert Bly, Leo Dangel; writers Bill Holm, Paul Gruchow.


m Steve Heitzeg (b. 1959) is known for his orchestral and chamber works written in celebration of the natural world, with evocative and lyrical scores frequently including naturally-found instruments, such as stones, birch bark wind chimes, Catalpa tree pods, acorns and shells. m Heitzeg attracted attention with the film score for PBS’ A Marriage: Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz (starring Jane Alexander) in 1991 and for the award-winning children’s video On the Day You Were Born for narrator and orchestra, released by the Minnesota Orchestra in 1996. m He has addressed social and ecological issues with vision and compassion, in such works as Blessed Are the Peacemakers, Endangered and Aqua (Hommage a Jacques-Yves Cousteau). m Heitzeg’s music has been performed by The Philadelphia Orchestra, Minnesota Orchestra, Houston Symphony, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Chanticleer and the Dale Warland Singers, among others. m In addition to concert and film music, Heitzeg composes ecoscores (intimate works with inventive musical syntax) that seek to honor the beauty and rights of nature. m His debut recording earthworks: music in honor of nature was released in April 1998. m He received his Ph.D. in music composition from the University of Minnesota, studying with Dominick Argento, and completed undergraduate work at Gustavus Adolphus College. Born and raised on a dairy farm in southern Minnesota, Heitzeg now lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota with his wife Gwendolyn. m


steve heitzeg m 1693 Ashland Avenue m Saint Paul, mn 55104 usa m phone: 651-644-4700 m fax: 651-644-4500 m email: [email protected]


Steve Heitzeg would like to thank:

John Whitehead           Tom Linker     Philip Blackburn

Michael Trosman         Laura Sewell   Peter Ostroushko

Patricia Condon Johnston       Paul Druckman            Joe Demko     

William Gabler            Ezra Gold        Paul Gunther  



This recording is funded in part by generous gifts from

Afton Historical Society Press,  Robert & Elizabeth Shepley,

and Louie & Barbara Heitzeg.


Additional support given in honor of Hildur Wederquist Lovas.