peter warren & matt samolis

bowed metal music

innova 546



“a brilliant and perfectly balanced moment... a blanket of overtones folding and rolling into vast oceans of resonance... a journey inward through an evolving

            landscape, meditating on time and metamorphosis”

—The Disembodied Ear


Peter Warren’s and Matt Samolis’s work on their modified steel cellos is in part a blending of the harmonic and drone traditions. The steel cello is a remarkably resonant and sympathetic assemblage of cymbals and tuned steel rods that, once set into vibration, produces a huge variety of subtly shifting timbres and harmonic intervals. This live recording is essentially unaltered in regard to how the instrument sounds in concert.


Bowed Metal is the culmination of years of work by two musicians in the areas of improvisation and unusual acoustic sound sources. Matt Samolis has been collaborating for many years in the Boston area in both improvised, theatre, and sound art contexts. His most well known project in recent years has been Gaduri, an ensemble based on bowed metal, tuned glass and other custom-built instruments, and extended vocal techniques.

Peter Warren has been performing in collective improvisational settings for thirteen years in the Boston area, beginning with Ken Vandermark’s group, Lombard street. In 1994, he established two improvising groups, Cheap Suit and Elastic Consort, the latter which included Matt Samolis playing flute.


Recorded live, November 23, 1999 at Shoebox Performance Loft, Boston, MA.


The music is continuous; index points are added for convenience