The Shoulder

Text: Dan Hurlin

Music: Dan Moses Schreier

Innova 551


Music direction and Piano: Alan Johnson

Orchestrations: Bruce Coughlin

Cello: Rebecca Patterson

Guitar/banjo: Nick DeFabio



Older Man (A farmer): Don Chastain

Younger Man (The exact same farmer): Doug Marcks

Other Man (The State of Iowa): Dan Hurlin

Stage manager’s voice: Ann Carlson


The Shoulder was originally produced by MultiArts Projects and Productions (Ann Rosenthal, executive director) at Dance Theater Workshop, New York City, David R. White, producing Director. The Shoulder was subsequently produced at Longwharf Theater New Haven, CT, Doug Hughes, Artistic Director.


            1.         Iowa overture/Eye Exam         5'18"

            2.         Cold In Here   4'01"

            3.         Telephone Call 1'36"

            4.         Crossed Paths 5'21"

            5.         Green  4'02"

            6.         Reduce Speed Ahead   2'13"

            7.         Reclining Fields          5'23"

            8.         Road Duet       3'52"

            9.         Route 18          1'06"

            10.       Sunrise            2'02"

            11.       Reduce Speed Ahead 2            1'42"

            12.       Dead Dog Underscore 2'31"

            13.       Depending       5'34"

            14. The Man On The Mower  3'02"


In 1994, a 74-year-old farmer failed his eye exam and was unable to renew his driver’s license. That did not stop him from visiting his older brother in Wisconsin, who had suffered a stroke. Afraid of flying and unwilling to be driven, the farmer embarked on an epic journey. On July 5th he packed a ten-foot trailer with camping supplies, extra clothes and gasoline, and hitched it to the back of a second hand 1966 John Deere riding lawn mower. Achieving a top speed of 5 mph, he proceeded to drive all 250 miles across the state of Iowa and arrived at his brother’s farm 41 days later on August 15th.


Stage Production:

Music direction and piano: Alan Johnson

Set design: Dan Hurlin

Choreography: Ann Carlson

Costumes: Anna Thomford

Lighting design and production stage management: Tyler Micoleau


CD production:

Produced by Dan Moses Schreier and

Red Wing Performing Group

Recorded at Kampo Cultural Center,

February 1998, NYC.

Engineered by John Kilgore

Assistant engineer: Greg Thompson

Mixed at Masque Sound, by John Kilgore

Photos by Dan Hurlin

Graphic design by Doug Wink/Inkway Graphics

Special thanks to David Bullard, Jim Flynn

at Jim Flynn rentals