Marc Anderson




Marc Anderson: African drums, voice, guitar, mbira, steel drum, dumbek, frame drums, sampled and tape source sounds, berimbau, kantele, tuned gongs, clay pots, percussion


Barbara Cohen: vocals

Bruce Henry: vocals

Laura Mackenzie: medieval greatpipes 

Dean Magraw: electric guitar

Sowah Mensah: dansuom (water drums)

Kevin Nord: trumpet, harmonized trumpet

Peter Ostroushko: fiddle

Enrique Toussaint: electric bass, flutes, percussion




The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born


French Bourrees

I Was So Seldom Alone

Red Red

Austin Daiko

People Are Leaving

Red Shift









Special thanks to: Steve Tibbetts, Jim Anton, Ruth Mackenzie, Jim Ray, Bones, Justin, Brandy, Trevor, Jane, Dosho and all of the talented and kind hearted musicians that brought their spirit to this music.


Marc Anderson plays Paiste cymbals and gongs


All of the music on this CD was recorded at Studi-oh in St. Paul.  Engineered and mixed by Marc Anderson. Mastering Greg Rierson (?)  at Precision Powerhouse


Front cover photo Marc Anderson


Back cover photo Laurie Schneider


Inside cover photos?


Layout and design Philip Blackburn





Ruby Regner 1909 – 1998


Oh my sweet grandmother, you are gone

The heat fallen away from your fragile body

Once you were the fiery red gem

But the long prairie winters of broken stones and lonely stars

Calling year after year

Wore you down to a frail spark, a trembling ember

Finally, tired through your bones

You faded to the silence

After a whisper your pale blue eyes

Turned into small birds and returned home

To be with your brother and sisters

Where the English spoken is easy like a porch swing


You carried us all like a forgotten river through your life

For a brief moment or one brilliant autumn

We were all yours

Wrapped in the sweet smell of Sundays

But it ends

And you could not save us from ourselves


Remember when you laid there in bed

Already small as a child and disappearing before our eyes

And I stroked your beautiful white hair

And we held hands for the last time

Remember what I whispered in your ear

Remember what you whispered to me


That is how it will always be