Future Perfect: the nature of time

innova 558


1.  the nature of time 6:49

    a most happy sound

2.  thin air 5:48   zaftig           

3.  thank you stars 7:07

     big daddy, jr,& the spook

4.  boxer 9:11

     christian erickson              

5.  remote delay 8:04 alpha 61                       

6.  longitude 5:18 zaftig                     

7.  sex and violins 4:08

    ts & filmore diggz              

8.  infengal decrapulation 5:26

     the radar threat                               

9.   psycho dub 6:58 drone                

10. tres elements 4:16 zaftig   

11.  essence 2:38 podling


For the past year or so, I have thought an awful lot about time. Time as metaphor, time as distance, time as geography, and, of course, time as time.


Gosh it's big, I mean really big.  If you really want to know what your place in the universe is, I think you first have to realize how big it is, and how infinitesimally small you are. No offense but it's true,


"It's a great big universe and we are really puny/just tiny little ants about the size of Mickey Rooney" - Yakko Warner


The weird thing is that's the second time I have used that quote from the Animaniacs cartoon series in program notes.  Perhaps because it sums it up rather nicely.  Thinking this much about time can really do your head in, because its bigger than your definition of big. We all know the universe is vast and huge, but we throw around words so callously that we forget how awe-inspiringly large the concept of infinity is.


If you’re looking for some grand definitive statement on Time, I can't give it to you, but I think you'll like this even if it doesn't unlock the secrets of the universe; well maybe it does and we just can't read the language, maybe it’s like Poe's purloined letter...maybe.  Maybe thinking too much about time causes you to think in fragments.  Even as I type this, it is the present to me and the past to you, even though you are reading it now.  They are all valid experiences but it is yet another point where the time lines converge.


An abstraction of the moment, an elongation of a memory. A second of happiness. There's a beginning, there's an end and in between is where all the action is. Life is a series of transitions. Think of this record as allegories and abstractions of time.  Eleven pieces forming a  whole.  One piece envelopes another folding back into itself.  Whole universes of music living within each other….


Like I said, it makes you think in fragments. Which is pretty keen given that this group is essentially a big old chaos fragment, there is a much more poetic version of what a sound system is on another page in this very booklet, but for the time being think of Future Perfect like an episode of Mission Impossible (the TV show not the movies): every mission uses different agents, but it's always lead by Peter Graves’s character (which I guess is me, maybe I should have chosen a cooler model like Banachek?) and you can pretty much guess that the magician (as played by Martin Landau)  and the model (Barbara Bain) was going to be there too.  Granted if you've never seen the show this metaphor will be more confusing, but don't worry, there isn't a test at the end.


This record is a continuation of a performance that we did in March of 2000 @ the Fredrick R. Weisman Museum of Art, Minneapolis. It's not a live recording as such rather; it is an experience in and of itself.  The record was recorded "live" in individual artists’ studios and brought to a seamless existence through our wonderful, yet feisty mastering engineer Bob DeMaa.


For more info please see our web site: www. futureperfect.org

your pal,                     

Chris Strouth


Produced by: Chris Strouth

Mastering by: Bob DeMaa

Cover/art direction: [email protected]

Back cover photo: Dwayne Williams



A Most Happy Sound: the Nature of Time

(L. Stafford, C. Strouth(ASCAP))


A collaboration between McKnight-Fellowship-winning composer Lorren Stafford  and Chris Strouth. Dedicated to smashing artistic and intellectual barriers, they combine elements of Pop, electronica, and "New" music to create a genre that can frighten everyone equally.


Zaftig: Thin Air, Longitude, Tres Elements

(M. Davis, L. Madsen  & B. Connelly) BMI Rosalind Hind Songs

Text & narration by Chris Strouth (ASCAP) (recorded and remastered by Bob DeMaa)


Zaftig produces otherwordly music with a unique battery of percussion and stringed instruments constructed by band  founder, Jeff Federson.   Current members, Meleck Davis, Len Madsen and Brian Whiton add bipolar drums, bass and the occasional sousaphone to the mix to create their rhythmic riff on rock and art. They worked with special guest Ben Conneelly on these tracks.


Big Daddy, Jr. & the Spook: Thank You Stars

(J. Ducklinski, T. Hannen, T. Ritter)


BDJ&S is a group featuring Terry Hannen (Lunar 9, Shapeshifter), Jason Ducklinski (Lunar 9, Cool yeah!, Shapeshifter), and Tim Ritter (Astronaut Wife, Shapeshifter). They made this group’s debut at Future Perfect 5 as the Aumana Letters. This is their first recording.


Christian Erickson:  Boxer (P. Simon(BMI)) Paul Simon Music

Christian Erickson is  currently a member of Astronaut Wife. Previously he has played  in Passage and Judgement of Paris. Vocals: Christian Erickson, Janey Winterbauer, Angela Orluck. Sequencing: Christian Erickson. Additional sequencing: Tim Ritter, Peter Anderson.


Alpha 61: Remote Delay (P. Horn, J. Shapiro)


Paul Horn does experiments in sound wave modulation using envelope-laden guitar work, analog synthesis, found percussion, and modern electronics. Ambiance that may not be easy to listen to. Sounds may conjure images of sci-fi horror or bring on relaxing bliss. Non-chemical mood alteration may occur if the listener wishes to participate cerebrally.


Fetik 3 (AKA Jason Shapiro) is best known for his work with the now-defunct ensemble OUSIA. Fetik 3's involvement in the avant-music scene ranges from projects with Ana Voog to the Milo Fine Free Jazz Ensemble.


TS & Filmore Diggz: Sex and Violins (T. Sothiphakhak, F. Diggz)


Picture a mix between early Italian Lounge and Ramellzee, Connie Francis and Johny Cash and Nurse With Wound: a seamless mix without the aid of headphones. Then you get the picture of TS Jupiter Sothiphakhak.


The Radar Threat: Infengal Decrapulation (B. Gross)


The Radar Threat is Benjy Gross, an analog archivist and sonic prankster. He is frequent contributor to the New Atlantis.  He has two  records available at a shop near you. A special note: no computers were used in the compostion or playing of this track.


Drone: Psycho Dub (Jarros)


DJ Drone (AKA Dave Jarros) started his DJ'ing career several years ago. One of the pillars of Future Perfect, he is also the owner of Bassment Records, an all vinyl DJ store. A popular figure in midwestern electronica culture, he graduated with a jungle major, with special emphasis in breakbeats. He is also a member of mindphaseone.


Podling: Essence, in-between bits on several tracks

(J. Ducklinski, T. Hannen, T. Sothiphakhak)


A cut-and-paste side project of TS, and two thirds of Big Daddy, Jr., this group also has the unique distinction of being the only one on the record that did not play at the original performance. This is their first time working together.



A man sits with a pretty girl for an hour and it seems shorter than a minute. But tell that same man to sit on a hot stove for a minute, it is longer than any hour. That's relativity.    - Albert Einstein


Words of thanks and praise: The whole of the Future Perfect Family (and there is quite a few of them). Especially to the artists who played the show and didn't get to be on the record; Satoshi Shinozaki, and Rexor!!!.  Bob DeMaa, the most patient and kind of engineers, Cam  @ New West, the innova Recordings posse, Jeff Julick & Dave Russ, Lorren, Keri, David, Charlie E, Kii, Stan, Andrea, Dwayne, Magic Lantern Light Show, I.C.E., The Fredrick R. Weisman Museum of Art, Ren & Mambo (R.I.P. Stimpy  I miss you, so does Ren).


A big shout out to all the people who, without their encouragement and support along the way, you wouldn't be hearing this now: John Killacky, Philip Blackburn, Philip Bither, Phil Ford, Paul Stark, Rod Smith, Steve McClellan, Rifle Sport Art, Sonia, Kevin Cole, Tom Spiegel.


And Mo,  well…. Gosh… you just rock!


The Nature of Time was commissioned for the Sonic Circuits International Festival of Electronic Music and Art, underwritten by the American Composers Forum with funding from The Jerome Foundation.   <SonicCircuits.com>


Executive Producer: Philip Blackburn