Tom Heasley, ambient tuba

On The Sensations of Tone


Innova 566


1. Prelude        10:00

2. Thonis         40:00


Tom Heasley:


throat singing,


digital processing (tuba processing by Eventide, Gibson, Lexicon, Line 6 and t.c. electronic)


Both compositions were improvised by Tom Heasley live in the studio without edits or overdubbing.

Full Bleed Music, ASCAP


Prelude recorded by Robert Rich at Soundscape Studio, Mountain View, CA, February 2001.  Mixed by Robert Rich.


Thonis recorded by Jeff Towne at WXPN Studios, Philadelphia, Sept. 16, 2 A.M.  (Originally broadcast live on Star's End Radio, Chuck van Zyl, producer and host).


Mastered by Robert Rich.

Produced by Tom Heasley.

Executive Producer, Layout: Philip Blackburn


Special thanks to:  American Composers Forum, Arts Council Silicon Valley, BBC Radio 3, David Beardsley, Ronald Bishop, Philip Blackburn, Stuart Dempster, John Diliberto, Downtown Music Gallery, Echoes, Bruce Gallatner, Hearts of Space, Martina Heasley, Tom Lopez, John McGuirk, The McKnight Foundation, New Langton Arts, Oberlin Conservatory, Robert Rich, Tom Ritchford, Roulette, John Schaefer, Jim Staley, Streetlight Records (San Jose), Jeff Towne, John Turk, Chuck van Zyl.

innova is supported by an endowment from the McKnight Foundation and by the National Endowment for the Arts