The Industrial Jazz Group

Music of Andrew Durkin

City of Angles

Innova 571


4:20 1. Theme from City of Angles

0:23 2. The Most Adaptable of All Weed Species

3:12 3. Interlude in Krupa

3:48 4. Void When Detached

1:21 5. Tribute to Chrome

4:12 6. Pince Nez

4:45 7. Tuxedo Trouble

1:10 8. Now That’s What I Call Music

3:42 9. Mwahaha

6:47 10. Full-on Freak

4:34 11. Losing Proposition

0:56 12. Los Feelies

3:18 13. Dear Sir or Madam

4:42 14. Anger Management Classes


The package you have just opened contains a record of our work in 2001. “Theme from City of Angles” began as a string quartet and ended as a bizarro fanfare in 4/4, 3/4, 11/8, 15/8, 9/8, and other typical marching-band time signatures. “Interlude in Krupa” is a bit of (tom-)tomfoolery. “Void When Detached” features the vibraphone of Eldad Tarmu (this one has been occasionally confused with "Void Wind Attached," but that’s another song altogether). “Tribute to Chrome” is a kind of piano-string entanglement, while the title of “Pince Nez” describes (in French) the thing some people do when listening to our music. “Tuxedo Trouble” is a bit of bombastic Wagnerian jazz-dreck (my advice: skip it altogether). “Mwahaha” is fairly spooky, but not nearly as spooky as it thinks it is, and “Full-on Freak” is an attempt at psychedelic Mingusian crime jazz. “Losing Proposition” foolishly combines the theme from the Laurel and Hardy film series with the theme from Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. “Dear Sir or Madam” was inspired by an attack of junk mail, and “Anger Management Classes” is the big closer, complete with smoke machines, go-go dancers, a laser show, and a 2-story video screen. Everything else here is self-explanatory.


Thanks for listening.

Andrew Durkin

Los Angeles, Spring 2002


Evan Francis: alto sax, flute

Cory Wright:   soprano/tenor/baritone sax, clarinet, bass clarinet

Scott Steen:     trumpet

Garrett Smith: trombone & Latin translations

Daniel Glass:   drums

Aaron Kohen: acoustic/electric bass

Eldad Tarmu:   vibraphone, peanut butter

Lauri Goldenhersh:     mezzo soprano

Joe Tepperman:           theremin snippets

Noah Phillips: electric guitar snippets

Andrew Durkin:          piano, harpsichord, glockenspiel, synthesizers,

                        broken acoustic guitar, bicycle wheel


All compositions/arrangements by Andrew Durkin, Ugly Jazz (BMI), except "The Most Adaptable of All Weed Species," which is a short rap/improvisation/collage by Cory, Evan and Andrew

Recorded to 2-inch tape at Studio Atlantis (RIP Studio B), Hollywood, CA

Mixed on DA-88 at Wolftone Studios, Sherman Oakes, CA

Mastered at Bernie Becker Mastering, Burbank, CA

Recorded, mixed, sliced, spliced and prestidigitated by Michael Kramer

Mastered with aplomb by Chris Landen

Produced by Andrew Durkin

Cover photograph: Daphne Robinson

Other photos: Andrew Durkin

innova Label Director, layout: Philip Blackburn


Industrial-strength thanks to all involved in the making of this recording, and to those mysteriously dedicated people who keep coming back to our shows


Additional thanks to friends/family of the group, Daniel Glass & David Millman, Ricard Giner, Joseph Taylor,  Chris Strouth, Philip Blackburn, the American Composers Forum, Drew Hemwall, Richard Fenno, Darin Klein, Jill Knapp, Paul Badalamenti, Irving & Superpickle, Sarah Shute, and especially Daphne.