Savage Aural Hotbed

The Unified Pounding Theory

Innova 661


01. ...rotation...                        (0:38)

02. Fortnight in Londrina        (6:50)

03. ...conduit...                        (1:24)

04. Carnivore              (5:22)

05. ...cavity...                           (0:37)

06. Re-bar-imbau                    (4:28)

07. Dead Blow                        (5:07)

08. Row                                  (6:02)

09. Beat Raffle                        (7:14)

10. Dizzy Dean                       (6:06)


Savage Aural Hotbed is: Mark Black, Stuart DeVaan, DeanHawthorne, and William Melton

Guest Stick Whacker on Beat Raffle: J.C. Amel


Instruments: Plastic and Metal barrels, Roto-toms, Dryer Drums, Bass Guitar, BassBanjo, Bass Drum, Double Bass Pipe, Re-bar-imbaus, Snare Drums, Blocks, Pipes,Saws, Drill, Electric Hand Planer, Springs, Jugs, Kegs, Air Hammer, Cymbals,Sheet Metal, Voices, Maple, Bin-Sasara, Quijada, Leaf Springs, Whammy Flex,

Tractor Muffler, Metal Display Rack, Springboard, Tom's Dome,Feedback, Metal Tongue-Drum, Sump Pump Hoses


Copyright 2006 Savage Aural Hotbed

Recorded live*, mixed, and mastered at Wild Sound Studio inNE Minneapolis, Matthew Zimmerman, presiding.

"rotation", "conduit" and"cavity" were blended by William Melton at the Chocolate Lab.


* Except the part where Bill drove his truck on I-94 whileMark held 3 different lengths of sump pump hose out the window, recording thewhistling on a portable studio.


This project was made possible, in part, with a generousgrant from the Jerome Foundation.