Fernando Benadon


Innova 737



1.       MusicOpenFeel           2:30

2.       Vidrios                               1:46

3.       Quim Font                    1:12

4.       Inveros’mil                   3:06

5.       Improfission                 5:00

6.       Overdrive Swing     6:00

7.       Interludio                       1:56

8.       Intuitivo                          3:23

9.       Mamnakrepcocf       2:32

10.   Japanese Cups          1:26

11.   Continuo                       7:34

12.    Menor a Mayor          3:30

13.    Dumbek                         2:05

14.    Two Epilogues            4:00



Fernando Benadon, composer

Courtney Orlando, violin

Evan Price, violin

Kurt Rohde, viola

Marco Mazzini, clarinets

Michael Formanek, bass

Christopher Froh, percussion

Nasar Abadey, drums


     INTUITIVO is a collage of free improvisations.  My goal was to shape the playersŐ raw individual ideas into a spontaneously ŇcoherentÓ whole, all the while preserving and highlighting their unique subtleties of time and timbre.

     First I recorded the musicians improvising freely and separately.  They received no guidelines, and they did not know what the other players would record or had recorded.  Then I trimmed and juxtaposed the improvisations to create an imaginary synchronized performance.  I was aiming for a natural sound, so I used only basic edits: cuts and time displacements were allowed, but non-real-world ones such as pitch-shifting, duplicating, overdubbing, and time-stretching were not.  The edits range in size from single notes to multiple minutes – in fact, one fascinating aspect of this project was discovering how extended segments of supposedly unrelated music by different improvisers can fall into place with complete naturalness.

     I made this album with generous support from UC BerkeleyŐs Center for New Music & Audio Technologies, an American University Faculty Research Award, and a Subito quick advancement grant from the DC Chapter of the American Composers Forum.  I also want to thank the seven super-imaginative musicians who embraced this project from the get-go.

-Fernando Benadon


Mastered by John Fishell

Engineered by:

                           Corey Novick, BIAS Studios, VA (Orlando, Formanek, Abadey)

                           Michael Zbyszynski, CNMAT, CA (Price, Rohde, Froh)

                           Osama Abdulrasol, Enkido Studios, Gent (Mazzini)

Artwork by Carey Benadon


innova is supported by an endowment from the McKnight Foundation.

Philip Blackburn: Director, design

Chris Campbell: Operations manager