nathaniel stookey                    


innova 773




I.                                                             4:34

II.                                                            4:21

III. (Where does the Lone Ranger take his garbage?) – for D.   2:10



4.                                                            4:28


Total Runtime                                                      15:33


produced by Jack Vad

dance mix by Nathaniel Stookey


performed by percussionists

Brian Calhoon

Katy LaFavre

Miles Lassi

Carl Peterson

Greg Simonds

Louis Siu

Jacob Steuer


conducted by Benjamin Shwartz

and featuring David Weiss on saw


Producer: Jack Vad

Mastering Engineer: Jonathon Stevens


Recorded by

Justin Phelps at Hyde Street Studio C, San Francisco

and by Michael Meehan at Michael Levine Music, Santa Monica


All instruments created by Nathaniel Stookey and Martha Stookey

from materials scavenged at the San Francisco Dump


Album design by Ole LŸtjens


Thanks to

RecologyŐs Artist in Residence Program at the San Francisco Dump, especially Paul, Deborah, Micah, Bessie, Butch, Rafael, and Huy.


The San Francisco Symphony and

San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra


Ray Froehlich and Tom Hemphill


Patrick Weldon


and Jodi