In Bone-Colored Light

Innova 774


Lucky Dreams  8:17


            Into The Same River

            2. A (3:06)

            3. B (1:32)

            4. C (2:16)

            5. D (1:00)

            6. E (2:20)

            7. F (1:49)

In Bone-Colored Light  18:12

Polarity  8:54

Angles of Repose
Angle of Displacement  6:25
            11. Forlorn Angles  4:12
            12. Angle of Acceleration  6:58

TOTAL:  65:01

All works performed by Zeitgeist: Heather Barringer and Patti Cudd,
percussion; Pat O’Keefe, woodwinds; Shannon Wettstein, piano.
Special guest on
In Bone-Colored Light, Jerome Kitzke, vocals and whistles


In Bone-Colored Light features a collection of works created for Zeitgeist in the first decade of the new millennium. As an aural portrait of the ensemble’s artistic work of the last 10 years, it reveals the fertile creative relationships we forged and the aesthetic concerns that piqued our artistic curiosity. As performers, our relationship with these works and the people who created them has been spiritually enlivening, intellectually challenging and joyously transformative. Each of these works is remarkable, and the artistic voice resonating through each is undeniably singular. As a collection, they represent our zeitgeist.



Lauded for providing “a once-in-a-lifetime experience for adventurous concertgoers,” Zeitgeist is a new music chamber ensemble comprised of two percussion, piano and woodwinds. Always eager to explore new artistic frontiers, Zeitgeist collaborates with composers of all types to create imaginative new work that challenges the boundaries of traditional chamber music. The members of Zeitgeist are: Heather Barringer, percussion;
Patti Cudd, percussion; Pat O’Keefe, woodwinds; Shannon Wettstein, piano. 


A native of Brooklyn, N.Y., composer Anthony Gatto (b. 1962) shuttled between Minneapolis, New York City and Berlin, Germany from 1998-2004, during which time he founded The Festival Dancing in Your Head and developed enduring relationships with a number of artists and ensembles in the Twin Cities.
Lucky Dreams, inspired by Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, was arranged for Zeitgeist in 2000 during our Zeitgeist/Composer Workshop, a program supported by the Jerome Foundation.

IVO MEDEK: Into the Same River
A spirited advocate for new Czech music, Ivo Medek (b. 1955) composes chamber, orchestral, electro-acoustic, operas and multimedia works, is co-founder of the contemporary music groups Ars Incognita and Marijan, and
is rector of the Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno.
Into the Same River was written for Zeitgeist and premiered by the ensemble as part of our 2007 tour to the Czech Republic.  The title refers to the well-known proverb that you can’t walk “into the same river” twice, a guiding principle found throughout the structure of the work.

JEROME KITZKE: In Bone-Colored Light
The music of composer Jerome Kitzke (b. 1955) thrives on the spirit of driving jazz, plains Indian songs, and Beat Generation poetry, celebrating American vitality it its purest forms. Often political and always topical, his music aims for revealing the heart of what it means to be an American early in the 21st Century.
In Bone-Colored Light (2002), Kitzke's second work for Zeitgeist following The Redness of Blood (1995), pays homage to the sense of clarity and healing found in the stark and pure angled light that illuminates the American landscape of a late afternoon on a cloudless day.

Minnesota-based composer Kathy Jackanich (b. 1964) has studied with Martin Bresnick, Jacob Druckman, Roberto Sierra, Ingram Marshall, David Lang and Judith Lang Zaimont. 
Polarity, arranged for Zeitgeist in 2004, portrays a particular driving energy, a force born from interruption that becomes uncontrollable over time and inevitably explodes from any restraint.


ETHAN WICKMAN: Angles of Repose
Ethan Wickman’s (b. 1973) elegantly crafted and deliriously charming music has led his work to be championed by ensembles and soloists throughout the country. “Angle of repose” is a geological term that refers to the angle at which granular materials achieve stability on a slope.
Angles of Repose reflects the composer’s interest in the way that physical forces create analogues for social, emotional, interpersonal and even musical ones. The work was developed with Zeitgeist through the Zeitgeist/Composer Workshop in 2008 and completed in 2009. 

This recording was made possible with funds from the Aaron Copland Fund for Music Recording Program.

The creation of In Bone-Colored Light, Lucky Dreams and Angles of Repose was made possible with support from the Jerome Foundation.

The creation of Into the Same River was made possible through activities supported by The Trust for Mutual Understanding and USArtists International

In Bone-Colored Light is published by Peer Music - New York/Hamburg

All works recorded at Wild Sound Recording Studio in
Minneapolis in 2008 and 2009.

Angles of Repose, Into the Same River, and In Bone-Colored Light produced by Scott Miller. Polarity produced by Pat O’Keefe. Lucky Dreams produced by Ann Millikan.


MIXING: Scott Miller and Pat O’Keefe

MASTERING: Greg Reierson at Rare Form Mastering

INNOVA DIRECTOR: Philip Blackburn


GRAPHIC DESIGN: Jessi Risch Design

Innova is supported by an endowment from the
McKnight Foundation.

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