Mark Applebaum

The Metaphysics of Notation

Innova 787




The Metaphysics of Notation is a hand drawn pictographic score consisting of twelve panels (totalling 70 feet in length), two hanging mobiles, and absolutely no verbal or written instructions.  It was commissioned by the Cantor Arts Center
Museum at Stanford University where it was shown for one year and received 45 weekly musical interpretations by distinguished performers from around the world.


ThereÕs No Sound In My Head (19:38)

a documentary film by Robert Arnold, featuring:


Charlotte Applebaum           

Mark Applebaum                      

Molly Barth                                        

Karol Berger

Chris Chafe

Paul Dresher

Brian Ferneyhough                                                      

Joan Friedman

Jaroslaw Kapuscinski         

Charles Kronengold

Brian McWhorter                                                             

Ken Ueno

Erik Ulman                                         

Patience Young


Metaphysics Mix* (46:52)

distilled performances by:


Sam Adams

Liz Allbee

Michael Berger

Beta Collide

Andrew Bliss

Dale Boland

Doug Carroll

Chris Chafe

Laura Chau

Ted Coffey

Christopher Costanza

Joshua Crumbly

Joel Davel

Paul Dresher

Cenk ErgŸn

Jonathan Erman

Tim Feeney

Brian Ferneyhough

Corey Fogel

Blair Foley

Debra Fong

Heather Frasch

Philip Gelb

Matthew Goodheart

Anthony Green

Rob Hamilton

Ron Heglin

Ivor Holloway

Matt Ingalls

Graeme Jennings

Scott Jones

Julia Jurkiewicz


Rob Kohler

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano

Victor Lin

Alison Lowell

MC Lars

Andy Meyerson

Dave Mihaly

BeÕeri Moalem

Devin Mooers


Tom Nunn

Noah Phillips

Pink Canoes

John Pobojewski

Vic Rawlings

Jane Rigler

Gino Robair

Dennis Shafer

Margaret Schedel

Adam Sheppard

Alan Shockley


Ed Silberman

Sō Percussion

Stanford MoPhO

Michael Straus


Sudhu Tewari

Josh Thurston-Milgrom

Thomas Tissot

Ken Ueno

Erik Ulman

Cobi van Tonder

Bonnie Whiting Smith

Patrick Wolff

Patience Young



The Metaphysics of Notation

scrolling versions of the score (8:00 & 16:00)

still version of the score (48 images)



*includes 5.1-channel surround mix




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ThereÕs No Sound in My Head:                                                                                                        19:38

Mark ApplebaumÕs Metaphysics of Notation


METAPHYSICS MIX                                                                                       46:52

One-minute excerpts from each of the 45 performances
accompanied by performer photos


THE METAPHYSICS OF NOTATION SCORE                                            8:00 & 16:00







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