Lee Pui Ming, piano

she comes to shore

innova 796


1   to ...   6:16

2   coils   4:35

3   turning   7:05

4   open   2:07

5   dive   9:19

she comes to shore:         

          concerto for improvised piano & orchestra (2009) Lee Pui MIng


      The Bay-Atlantic Symphony

       Jed Gaylin, conductor

       6     9:40

       7     6:26

       8     7:21



9   ... she   7:07

10   shimmers   3:39

total duration     64:20



from the depths

arise stirrings

from quietude

come uttering

from life and love

birth these offerings


All solo pieces are improvised.


Produced by Lee Pui Ming and John D.S. Adams

Recorded, Edited, Mixed and Mastered by John D.S. Adams at Stonehouse Sound

Tracks 1-5 & 9-10 recorded at Humber Recording Studios, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Assistant Engineers: Andrew Mullin, James Everett

Additional Engineering on Track 5: Andrew Mullin

Tracks 6-8 recorded at Pfleeger Hall, Rowan University, Glassboro, New Jersey

Recording Engineer: Brad Zabelski, Travelling Tracks LLC

Assistant Engineer: Rob Shaffer

Artwork by Randi Helmers

Executive Producer: Lee Pui Ming

Deep Thanks to

Jed Gaylin for his fine musical support and his tireless efforts in making everything


Dean Jon Robert Cart for the generous use of Pfleeger Hall;

Betty Lee for her invaluable financial support;

Mary Ganzon for teaching me Love;

and to the many who have touched me and shown me the Grace of Life.

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copyright Lee Pui Ming, 2010. SOCAN.Canada Council

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