Bernd Klug

Cold Commodities

Innova 902


Bernd Klug: double bass, electronics


01  a male black wearing white, red and black stripes              [08:43]

02  abandoned satellite dishes 1                              [03:27]

03  What Is This Thing Called Jazz                        [01:11]

04  spaces within a 1-bedroom apartment                [07:08]

05  suffering with mexican music                            [03:55]

06  Piezotrip                                                            [03:08]

07  durchschnittliches Surfverhalten                        [04:51]

08  all the things I don’t know that my mother is    [04:23]

09  abandoned satellite dishes 2                              [01:07]

10  Rauschgespraech                                               [04:37]

11  traces within a 1-bedroom apartment                 [09:34]

12  proof of extraordinary abilities                          [02:06]

TOTAL DURATION:  [54:10]                                                          


On July 24th 2014 I accidentally erased my hard drive with the magnet of a loudspeaker. There was no backup for any of the recorded work I had made since moving from Vienna to New York in 2011. It was a huge relief for me to lose the connection to my digital practice and identity. 


That's one side of the story. Another side is my solo double bass work from 2008 to 2013, which focused on insecurity and sadness as a natural and highly acoustic space. I wanted to see if the outcome would be of any substance.


With these two things in my mind, along with a growing interest in installation work, I recorded this album. I was able to resolve the struggles around anxiety and my playing the bass in the attempt to relate myself to the different situations of my life. I invited all the abstract ghosts that surround us in the city into my studio as collaborating guest artists (see  booklet).  The tracks on this recording are improvisations over recurring themes, motives, states, and relations.


The artwork of the booklet is a scan of a metal plate by the German artist Johanna Tiedtke and the layout is by the Italian media artist Gill Arno, both dear colleagues at the MFA Program at Bard College. The final mixing and mastering was with Martin Siewert. I am very thankful to have collaborated with all these artists, and particularly grateful to Barbara Ess for finally convincing me to release a solo CD.


Wonderful friends and musicians like Violetta Parisini, Sixtus Preiss, Mimu Merz, Bernhard Hammer and David Schweighart have been essential to the "erased" years of my recording practice. Thanks to Brendan Landis, Katie Sabo, Arjun Kumar, Dani Neff, Jamie Kelly and Gust Burns for their more recent encouragement. Unlimited thankfulness to Meaghan Burke, who keeps all of that together, my father and my brother for everything and my mum for everything else.


I am very happy to release this CD with the wonderful team at Innova and the American Composer Forum and very much appreciate the financial support of the SKE/Austro Mechana, the Austrian Federal Chancellery (Arts Division) as well as my hometown Villach.


- Bernd Klug                                                              

Annandale on Hudson, July 2. 2014


This album is the product of years of solo concerts and work in the studio, throughout which I was developing ways of enabling the double bass / bass frequencies to ring freely while designing specific scenarios to tell stories about the people and things that surround me.


Besides multitrack acoustic double bass, feedback double bass, or electric bass, each track features a “guest artist”. These “artists” include sonifications of a satellite dish, my recording device’s CPU, my wireless LAN router, an impulse response space design (homemade reverb chambers of my apartment), a conversation in front of my window, my neighbor’s Mexican music, my US Artist Visa proposal (data conversion via a hex editor), local police transmissions, and a cupreous donkey.


Recorded at East 19th Street, Brooklyn, US in September 2013 by Bernd Klug.

Mixed & mastered by Martin Siewert and Bernd Klug at Motone Sound Services, Vienna, AT in January 2014.

All tracks are played on a double bass except # 1 on an electric bass. No overdubs, cuts or effects used.


Bernd Klug, 2014. All Rights Reserved.


Innova Director: Philip Blackburn

Manager: Chris Campbell

Publicist: Steve McPherson

Artwork: Johanna Tiedtke

Layout: Gill Arno

Innova is supported by an endowment from the McKnight Foundation.