Revolutionary Snake Ensemble

I Want That Sound!

Innova 922



Ken Field   alto saxophone

Tom Hall  tenor saxophone

Jerry Sabatini  trumpet

Dave Harris  trombone & tuba

Blake Newman   acoustic bass

Phil Neighbors   drums



1  Slippery When Wet  5:31

2  Discoveries  5:35

3  Higgins Hollow  6:46

4  Nature  4:56

5  I Want That Sound! 3:06

6  Just Walk Closer 6:50

7  Roohane 4:14

8  John’s Jailhouse Blues 3:54


Total: 40:56


©All songs Ken Field, Conical Music/BMI

except “Slippery When Wet” Chris Lacinak,
Ponchatrain Publishing/ASCAP

[email protected]


Recorded at
Futura Productions, Chelsea, MA

Recording Engineer
John Weston

Assistant Recording Engineer
Andy Pinkham

Mixed by
Andy Pinkham, Mortal Music,
Charlestown, MA


Produced by
Ken Field & Andy Pinkham

Digital Editing by
Andy Pinkham

Mastering by
Mark Donahue, Soundmirror,
Jamaica Plain, MA

Package Design
Joanne Kaliontzis

Band Photograph
Jean Hangarter

Innova Director
Philip Blackburn

Operations Director
Chris Campbell

Steve McPherson

Innova is supported by an endowment
from the McKnight Foundation.


Ken Field is an Applied Microphone
Technology Endorser and a Vandoren
Performing Artist, and uses Vandoren
reeds and mouthpieces for performance
and recording.