Crystal Mooncone,

Listening Beam Five

Innova 973


Stephen Rush

Chris Peck

Jon Moniaci



Fossil Tears (8:51)

Los Senderos de Mitras (3:21)

Homage (4:00)

Imaginary Azimuths (3:29)

Leeward Side (5:51)

Perth Airport (4:41)

Rocky’s Landscape (9:25)

Light Tunnel (14:13)

Total (53:51)


1. Fossil Tears

Rush: Phase Maracas, Whoopee Whistle, Moan Recorder

Peck: Foil-o-tron

Moniaci: Dream Piano, Accordion

2. Los Senderos de Mitras

Rush: Rhodes

Peck: Distant Echo Flute

Moniaci: FM Synthesis

3. Homage

Rush: Rhodes

Peck: Close-up Echo Flute

Moniaci: Accordion

4. Imaginary Azimuths

Rush: Aunt Lucile’s Turkish Bells, Irish Steinway, Dharamsala Bells, Bike Horns, Goose Call

Peck: Alien Rain

Moniaci: Noise Chair, Metal Dots, Drone

5. Leeward Side

Rush: Micromoog, N’Singing

Peck: Drone Flute

Moniaci: Accordion

6. Perth Airport

Rush: Felt Rhodes, Folk Singing, Blue “Jean” Melodica

Peck: Crinkles, Amplified Slide Whistle

Moniaci: Accordion

7. Rocky’s Landscape

Rush: Float Tank Rhodes

Peck: Flute

Moniaci: Swallow Strings, Accordion

8. Light Tunnel

Rush: Unprepared Piano, Cistern Singing

Peck: Digital Insects, Vox-flute

Moniaci: Noise Chair, Voice


Recorded March 2014 live at the CCRMA Stage, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California and Klowden Mann Gallery, Los Angeles, California (Geoff Mann, engineer)


Mixed and mastered by Jason Corey at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan


Innova Director: Philip Blackburn

Operations Director: Chris Campbell

Publicist: Steve McPherson


Innova is supported by an endowment from the McKnight Foundation


Thanks: Kyle Bruckmann, The Center for New Music San Francisco, Nohemi Contreras Robles, Emily Gale, Rob Hamilton, Leslie Hogan, Matthew Lawrence, Carol Richardson, The University of Michigan


Cover Photos: Leslie Peck. Cover Design: Simon Alexander-Adams