Though Love Be a Day

Though Love Be a Day

Sumptuous Lieder
Antonio Carlos Defeo
Beth Wiemann
C. Edward Hupton
Christina Rossetti
Drew M. Placzek
e. e. cummings
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Gerald Jonas
Gina Hupton
Gwyneth Walker
Howard Helvey
Jeanne Emmons
John Luebke
Jonathan Chenette
Marcia Falk
Mark Carlson
Robert Beaser
W. H. Auden
Willa Cather
Diana Guhin Wooley
Richard Steinbach
Catalog Number: 
new classical
solo voice

Sioux City, IA

Release Date: 
Jan 1, 1999
Liner Notes: 
1 CD
One Sheet: 
After bringing their warm and expressive American recitals to enthusiastic audiences throughout the Midwest, soprano Diana Guhin Wooley and pianist Richard Steinbach of the American Celebration Duo now present though love be a day. This is a cornucopia of 22 modern romantic songs written by 10 undersung talents of American songwriting whose works share a stylistic integrity. The result is a powerful, emotional, and lyrical album; perhaps a younger cousin of art-song greats Barber, Copland, and Bernstein. Throughout this collection, Wooley and Steinbach touch each piece with their classy musical sensitivity. Whether the song is slow and sensitive, graceful and elegant, or buoyant and playful, the Sioux City-based American Celebration Duo finds a way to bring it to life. While looking ahead to new vistas, yet keeping one foot in the past, the Duo has produced a heartfelt album that will appeal to lovers of fine poetry and well-crafted art songs.

"These compositions certainly constitute "new music," but there isn't a bar of it one would be tempted to call ugly or difficult; yet neither is there anything patronizing or pedestrian. They exhibit a high level of imagination, inspiration, technical skill, and loving consideration for the human voice. This is music that sounds good, and is good for you, too." - Bill Parker

"I rarely recommend song recordings to all, but I love this disc and believe that every music lover will want it." - Bill Faucet

This is a superb collection of euphonic, engaging, sensitive and stimulating contemporary songs (mostly), recorded with an ample intimacy (rich, warm sound) by this unknown singer from Sioux City. Texts and translations are provided, but clarity of thought and action prevail. Nicely done! Who said the 'song recital' was a dead issue?! - Michael Barone