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#1 028
Artist: The Crossing
Composers: Robert Convery, Benjamin C.S. Boyle
Performers: The Crossing, Donald Nally, Voyages String Ensemble
Journeys are never the same twice
#1 027
Artist: Lawrence Moss
Composers: Lawrence Moss
Performers: Kadisha Onalbayeva, Kiev Philharmonic, Composers Choir
Another sunrise
#1 024
Artist: Common Sense Composers' Collective
Composers: Marc Mellits, Dan Becker, John Halle
Performers: Friction Quartet
Eight quartets
#1 023
Artist: Volti
Composers: Forrest Pierce, Tonia Ko, Robin Estrada
Performers: Volti
mind, imagination, heart
#1 022
Artist: Juri Seo
Composers: Juri Seo
Performers: Argus Quartet, Joann Whang
a year unfolding, sound by sound
#1 021
Artist: Shank - Hagedorn Duo
Composers: Ian Krouse, Alf Houkom, Maria Kalaniemi
Performers: Leslie Shank, Joseph Hagedorn, Laura Sewell
Far away so close
#1 019
Artist: Stanley Grill
Composers: Stanley Grill
Performers: Nancy Allen Lundy, Stephen Gosling, Ralph Farris
Soaring through song
#1 016
Artist: ROCO
Composers: Karim Al-Zand, Reena Esmail, Derek Bermel
Performers: ROCO
We have lift-off
#1 015
Artist: Beat Circus
Composers: Brian Carpenter, Andrew Stern, Paul Dilley
Performers: Beat Circus
A welcome return to the weirdness
#1 014
Artist: Haerim Elizabeth Lee
Composers: George Gershwin, Jascha Heifetz, Ellen Taaffe Zwilich
Performers: Haerim Elizabeth Lee, Alex Brown
#1 013
Artist: D. J. Sparr
Composers: D. J. Sparr
Performers: D. J. Sparr, Kristina Bachrach, Hajnal Kármán Pivnick
Plugging into the fantastic
#1 012
Artist: Rick Baitz
Composers: Rick Baitz
Performers: Joyce Hammann, Mary Rowell, Beth Meyers
Feel the heat, from Durban and Rio to the Big Apple
#1 009
Artist: Zack Browning
Composers: Zack Browning
Performers: Sonata Islands Quartet, Emilio Galante, Walter Zanetti
Foot-tapping to the ancient magic
#1 007
Artist: University of St. Thomas (UST) Symphonic Wind Ensemble
Composers: Luis Serrano Alarcon, Nigel Clarke, Kit Turnbull
Performers: University of St Thomas Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Matthew George
Volume VII
#1 005
Artist: Paul Elwood
Composers: Paul Elwood, Christian Wolff
Performers: Paul Elwood, The Callithumpian Consort, Stephen Drury
Invisible (but audible) communications