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#1 012
Artist: Rick Baitz
Composers: Rick Baitz
Performers: Joyce Hammann, Mary Rowell, Beth Meyers
Feel the heat, from Durban and Rio to the Big Apple
#1 011
Artist: David Dzubay
Composers: David Dzubay
Performers: Orion String Quartet, Voices of Change, Miranda Cuckson
A flood of musical memory that bursts its banks
#1 009
Artist: Zack Browning
Composers: Zack Browning
Performers: Sonata Islands Quartet, Emilio Galante, Walter Zanetti
Foot-tapping to the ancient magic
#1 007
Artist: University of St. Thomas (UST) Symphonic Wind Ensemble
Composers: Luis Serrano Alarcon, Nigel Clarke, Kit Turnbull
Performers: University of St Thomas Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Matthew George
Volume VII
#1 005
Artist: Paul Elwood
Composers: Paul Elwood, Christian Wolff
Performers: Paul Elwood, The Callithumpian Consort, Stephen Drury
Invisible (but audible) communications
#1 004
Artist: New Music Detroit
Composers: Marc Mellits
Performers: New Music Detroit, Shannon Orme, Erik Ronmark
Music to inhale
#1 003
Artist: Areon Flutes
Composers: Danny Clay, Sahba Aminikia, Ryan Brown
Performers: Areon Flutes, Jill Heinke Moen, Kassey Plaha
Beyond epochs
#1 002
Artist: NOTUS
Composers: Claude Baker, Sven-David Sandström, Dominick DiOrio
Performers: NOTUS, Dominick DiOrio, Zorá String Quartet
A shining debut
Artist: Jenny Olivia Johnson
Composers: Jenny Olivia Johnson
Performers: P. Lucy McVeigh, Lavena Johanson, David Russell
An offering and an archive, a memorial and a reverie
Artist: The Crossing
Composers: Stratis Minakakais, Gregory W. Brown
Performers: The Crossing, Donald Nally
Displacement in our time
Artist: Gao Hong
Composers: Issam Rafea, Gao Hong
Performers: Issam Rafea, Gao Hong
The Blending of Ancient Souls from China and Syria
Artist: Mark Applebaum
Composers: Mark Applebaum
Performers: Mark Applebaum, Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players, Takao Hyakutome
Beyond chugging rainbows
Artist: Yuko Fujiyama
Composers: Yuko Fujiyama
Performers: Jennifer Choi, Susie Ibarra, Graham Haynes
That moment on a sidewalk
Artist: Esther Lamneck
Composers: Esther Lamneck, Cort Lippe, Mara Helmuth
Performers: Esther Lamneck
in live electronics
Artist: Robert Gibson
Composers: Robert Gibson
Performers: James Stern, Audrey Andrist, Robert Oppelt
Strings meet poetry