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#1 052
Artist: Kristin Thora Haraldsdottir
Composers: Kristin Thora Haraldsdottir
Performers: Umbra, Kristin Thora Haraldsdottir
Human in scope, eternal in sound
#1 051
Artist: Jeremy Beck
Composers: Jeremy Beck
Performers: Dimitar Tenchey, Boris Radilov, Sofia Session Orchestra
Luminous music, enlightened lyricism
#1 050
Artist: Tiffany Ng
Composers: Stephen Rush
Performers: Tiffany Ng, Stephen Rush, Keenan Bakowski
Tiffany in the belfry
#1 049
Artist: David M. Gordon
Composers: David M. Gordon
Performers: Far Song, Kayleen Sanchez, Paul Sanchez
Searching amidst life’s difficulties
#1 048
Artist: Stanley Grill
Composers: Stanley Grill
Performers: Camerata Philadelphia
from a future history
#1 047
Artist: Stanley Grill
Composers: Stanley Grill
Performers: Camerata Philadelphia, Stephen Framil, Brett Douglas Deubner
In praise of mysteries
#1 045
Artist: Jennifer Bellor
Composers: Jennifer Bellor
Performers: Ying Zhang, Andrew Smith, Emily Montoya Barnes
Evening music
#1 044
Artist: Grand Valley State University (GVSU) New Music Ensemble
Composers: David Biedenbender, Molly Joyce, Rob Deemer
Performers: Grand Valley State University (GVSU) New Music Ensemble, Bill Ryan
Music inspired by our National Parks
#1 043
Artist: Jennie Oh Brown
Composers: Shulamit Ran, Carter Pann, Valerie Coleman
Performers: Jennie Oh Brown, Carter Pann, Kurt Fowler
In memory of grandmothers
#1 042
Artist: Kate Amrine
Composers: Gemma Peacocke, Kate Amrine, Kevin Joest
Performers: Kate Amrine
A herald for change
#1 041
Artist: Alex Shapiro
Composers: Alex Shapiro
Performers: Adam Marks
The views from a keyboard
#1 040
Artist: Heare Ensemble
Composers: George Crumb, Narong Prangcharoen, Stacy Garrop
Performers: Heare Ensemble, Jennie Oh Brown, Jennifer Blyth
Voices of whales and more
#1 039
Artist: Quey Percussion Duo
Composers: Adam Silverman, Michael Taylor, Gene Koshinski
Performers: Quey Percussion Duo, Gene Koshinski, Tim Broscious
A duo that runs the spectrum
#1 038
Artist: Mathieu Vanasse
Composers: Mathieu Vanasse
Performers: Mathieu Vanasse, Marc Chartrain, Jeannot Bournival
A journey through hypnotic soundscapes
#1 037
Artist: Eunmi Ko
Composers: Ingrid Stolzel, John Liberatore, Eduardo Costa Roldan
Performers: Eunmi Ko
Tributes to Isang Yun