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Artist: Gerald Levinson
Composers: Gerald Levinson
Performers: Frankfurt Radio Symphony, Hugh Wolff, Network for New Music Ensemble
Pushing the color spectrum
Artist: Pat Muchmore
Composers: Pat Muchmore
Performers: Pat Muchmore, Hubert Chen, Jean Cook
From Fracture to Fragments
Artist: ETHEL
Composers: ETHEL, Robert Mirabal, Jeff Peterson
Performers: ETHEL, Ralph Farris, Kip Jones
with Robert Mirabal
Artist: Miya Masaoka
Composers: Miya Masaoka
Performers: Miya Masaoka, Jennifer Choi, Esther Noh
Internal space to outer space
Artist: BHZ
Composers: Brigid Burke, Steve Hall, Mark Zanter
Performers: Brigid Burke, Steve Hall, Mark Zanter
Three musicians, two hemispheres
Artist: Meridian Arts Ensemble
Composers: Daniel Grabois, David Sanford, Dave Ballou
Performers: Meridian Arts Ensemble, Jon Nelson, Tim Leopold
The ruling monarchs of the brass kingdom
Artist: Ralph Samuelson
Composers: Henry Cowell, Teizo Matsumura, Richard Teitelbaum
Performers: Ralph Samuelson, Yoko Hiraoka, Tomoko Sugawara
Discovery in a single tone. (Mostly) American Music for Shakuhachi
Artist: Ken Field
Composers: Ken Field, Chris Lacinak
Performers: Ken Field, Tom Hall, Jerry Sabatini
Mardi Gras on steroids
Artist: David Kechley
Composers: David Kechley
Performers: Robert Nathanson, Frank Bongiorno, Laurent Estoppey
Guitar and Saxophone unite
Artist: Arohi Ensemble
Composers: Paul Livingstone
Performers: Paul Livingstone, Pedro Eustache, Abhijit Banerjee
Love is the weapon of the brave
Artist: Jason Kao Hwang / EDGE
Composers: Jason Kao Hwang
Performers: Deanna Relyea, Piotr Michalowski, Thomas Buckner
Giving voice to poetry, and poetry to the voice
Artist: George Hurd
Composers: George Hurd
Performers: Hurd Ensemble, George Hurd, Carla Kihlstedt
A blend of two worlds
Artist: ETHEL
Composers: Dorothy Lawson, Ulysses Owens Jr, Kip Jones
Performers: ETHEL
Far beyond Route 66
Artist: Mimi Stillman / Charles Abramovic
Composers: Richard Danielpour, Mieczyslaw Weinberg, David Finko
Performers: Mimi Stillman, Charles Abramovic
Music for flute, piano, and the human spirit
Artist: Gordon Beeferman
Composers: Gordon Beeferman
Performers: Gordon Beeferman, Peter Hess, Anders Nilsson
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