One More Night

One More Night

Josh Henderson
Caroline Drexler
Adrianne Munden-Dixon
Erica Gailing
Julia Henderson
Caroline Davis
Brendon Randall-Myers
Rick Martinez
Sylver Wallace
Josh Henderson
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#1 094
new classical
new music
Release Date: 
Jul 28, 2023
1 CD
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Song TitleTimePrice
1.Winter Dance Party06:54$1.29
4.Lubbock Strut07:47$1.29
5.The Day06:01$1.29
7.Lil' Bop02:34$1.29
8.A Ballad for Rog05:31$1.29
9.Waystation at the Surf Pt. I: Welcome to the Waystation09:09$1.29
10.Waystation at the Surf Pt. I: One More Night05:14$0.99
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Collective trauma. A concept that at the time of writing this in 2023 the whole planet has a recent and unprecedented relationship with to say the least. But no, this project, while dealing with death and grief, is not a Covid memoir or can even begin to deal with that level of Global tragedy and loss. This album deals with a different kind of trauma; the kind that results in outpourings not necessarily for loved ones per se, but for those that through their craft - whether it be handling a basketball, leading a country or singing directly to our souls - are able to intimately affect so many of us and help large populations deal with our reality. It is the collective trauma we experience when we lose our heroes. 

As part of an artist residency at the University of Iowa (2021-22), Josh Henderson wished to create a work that would be inspired by his home for the academic year, and in the Fall of 2021 began researching interesting happenings that have occurred in the state. Very quickly, he learned many intriguing things about his new surroundings, including the subject matter of this work: the infamous 1959 plane crash near Clear Lake, IA that took the lives of Pilot Roger Peterson, along with musicians Buddy Holly, J.P. “The Big Bopper '' Richardson, and Frankie Valens. 

Delving into the history of the tour, crash and the folks involved, Henderson was struck by that fact that even given the 60-year time difference, many things resonated personally as a modern-day touring musician; the long hours in cramped spaces, less than ideal living situations, absurd routing between cities, and exposure to the elements (in particular the cold) - but also the love of playing music for people and the indelible emotional highs that entails. Amidst the research, he began to contemplate just how famous the three singers were, how many lives they had already touched with their music, and the collective trauma a populace feels when they lose people they did not necessarily know personally, but felt connected to nonetheless. 

One More Night explores many elements inspired by the music and history of the perished trio, some obvious, and some that require a little digging, but with the enduring throughline of what could be if these young men had not passed so tragically young - and macrocosmically the collective thought of what could be if all of us had just a little more time on this plane. Structurally,  the 9-movement work is bookended by an introduction to set the world of the “Winter Dance Party Tour”, and an existential conclusion movement to portray the passing on to Worlds beyond this one. In between, there are three movements inspired by thematic elements from the biggest hits of the three singers coupled with three movements based on personal reflections of each of the artists and an additional tribute to the pilot Roger, and globally to all of the people behind the scenes performing less publicly acknowledged, but critical work to make art happen around the world.  

Amidst the endless joys and sadnessess that define our existence, over the course of this performance we delve into this isolated, yet impactful tragedy, with hopes of connecting with the universal mystery of passing onto the next realm and the sisyphean task of achieving that One More Night.

Josh Henderson is a cross-genre multi-instrumentalist (violin, viola, electric bass, synth, guitar, and some vocals on this album) and composer that is based in New York City. He Leads an exciting career that ranges from soloing with orchestras and performing classical recitals to throwing down electric violin and bass in rock clubs and jazz festivals. A founding member of the globe-trotting ensemble Warp Trio and the New Music group Contemporaneous, Josh also serves on the artist-faculty at NYU Steinhardt and the Longy School of Music in Cambridge. His esteemed friends and collaborators on this album are at the forefront of the fields of contemporary classical, jazz, and rock among others and the ensemble is comprised of saxophonist Caroline Davis, electric guitarist Brendon Randall-Myers, vocalist Sylver Wallace, fellow Warp Trio member Rick Martinez on the drum set, and the String Quartet Desdemona.