A Momentary Lapse

A Momentary Lapse

Dream-team runs amok
Andrew Drury
Andrew Drury
Briggan Krauss
Chris Speed
Eyvind Kang
Mark Dresser
Myra Melford
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new music

Brooklyn, NY

Release Date: 
Apr 15, 2003
Liner Notes: 
1 CD
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Song TitleTimePrice
1.The Schwartzes10:51
3.Vaxjo Kollektiv09:06$0.99
5.Geek's Revenge04:38$0.99
6.Some Powerful Women - Why10:06
7.Anniversary of a Non-Marriage04:37$0.99
9.Keep the Fool04:45$0.99
One Sheet: 

Myra Melford, Mark Dresser, Chris Speed, Briggan Krauss, Eyvind Kang, Andrew Drury. What more is there to say? A stellar group of avant-jazz notables from New York’s downtown plays Drury’s intricate music with volcanic intensity. A Momentary Lapse is Andrew Drury’s breakthrough CD, putting him on the map as a virtuosic drummer with uncommon compositional vision and a knack for creating groups that have a serious vibe. 

The nine compositions unselfconsciously meld jazz, rock, and chamber idioms and are animated by Drury’s drum-influenced sense of melody, form, and energy. Stemming from the avant-garde jazz tradition with elements of the AACM, Stravinsky, and Coltrane serving as reference points, A Momentary Lapse should appeal to listeners interested in creative, acoustic composition and improvisation played with arch intelligence and cataclysmic exuberance. 

Exceptionally well recorded, A Momentary Lapse provides a fascinating glimpse of Myra Melford as a sideperson in a larger group context than is customary for her. She and Dresser shine throughout, making this disk a must-have for fans of their music.


CKUT: Voted Top 20 best for 2003 in Jazz Amuck category


As a former student of Edward Blackwell, you'd expect [Drury] to swing hard and fast, and you won't be disappointed; even more impressive are his composition chops -- these nine tracks run the gamut from hard-driving, almost funky, binary ("The Schwartzes") via tight Eastern European-inflected canons ("Växjö Kollektiv") and sleek balladry ("Copalis") to metrically fiendish unisons ("Anniversary of a Non-Marriage"). . . Drury has assembled one hell of a band. . . Kang and Melford are on superb form throughout, both revealing prodigious techniqe and an encyclopaedic knowledge of their instruments, while Krauss and Speed complement each other beautifully. . . Drury's charts wisely leave enough space for everyone to stretch out, but nonetheless retain their distinctive identity. John Zorn must be kicking himself he didn't snaffle this one up for Tzadik.- Dan Warburton


(Has a) quality of transcendence. Andrew's composition skills aren't quite like anything else I have ever heard...and I don't say that very often. - Kurt Stein