Blow by Blow

Blow by Blow

Music for winds and percussion
Dorothy Hindman
Frost Flute Ensemble
Frank Capoferri
Lauralie Pow
Splinter Reeds
Donald Ashworth Jr
Atlas Saxophone Quartet
Lori Ardovino
Carey Valente Kisselburg
John Elmquist
Frost Saxophone Ensemble
the [Switch~ Ensemble]
Georgia State University Percussion Ensemble
Stuart Gerber
Scott Deal
Frost Symphonic Winds
Catalog Number: 
#1 010
new classical
wind band

Miami, FL

Release Date: 
Oct 23, 2020
Liner Notes: 
2 CD
Blow by BlowiTunes Album Page
Song TitleTimePrice
2.Big Fun04:19$0.99
3.Contents Under Pressure: I. Fireworks02:36$0.99
4.Contents Under Pressure: II. Popcorn02:39$0.99
7.Soliloquy for Clarinet06:17$0.99
8.Lost in Translation06:34$0.99
10.Untitled I12:24
11.Multiverses (Version for Acoustic Quartet)08:01$0.99
12.Tapping the Furnace14:53
13.Beyond the Cloud of Unknowing09:11$0.99
One Sheet: 

Dorothy Hindman’s musical journey took a circuitous route. From studying rock and electronic music to finding a home writing music for ensembles, Hindman built her unique musical language from seemingly disparate parts. Her music often finds itself in between aesthetics, borrowing from both punk/grunge music and a kind of angular pattern based music. 

Blow by Blow showcases new works for winds and percussion by one of today’s most energetic composers. A double-album, one-two punch traversing three decades of musical territory, it pulses and soars, hammers and roars – popping and crackling with harnessed energy.

Insistent rhythms whip riffs into intricate, towering formations in Mechanisms for flute ensemble, Cascade for saxophone ensemble, and Fission for concert band. Shimmering colors waft equally through the wind-up clockwork of Hindman’s Drift (for sax quartet) and Multiverses (for percussion quartet), and the nebulous soundscapes and solos of Trembling for flute, Soliloquy for Clarinet, Beyond the Cloud of Unknowing for marimba, and Untitled I. An air of bouncy humor suffuses the short, sweet Big Fun for baritone saxophone, CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE for reed quintet, and Lost in Translation for soprano saxophone, while Stuart Gerber’s breathtaking, thundering Tapping the Furnace for vocalizing percussionist leaves behind a deafening wake. 

In over 75 works fusing a punk/grunge background with classical refinement, Dorothy Hindman has pushed the boundaries of the technically possible with unique, visceral elegance. A tumultuous, often dangerous childhood fuels much of Hindman’s music, but has also energized decades of volunteerism and advocacy, especially in new music. At Birmingham-Southern College, Hindman’s music theory courses paired college students with underprivileged 5th graders to write, compose, and perform original youth operas. Hindman’s Justly Tuned concert series under the auspices of the Foundation for Emerging Technologies and the Arts (FETA), presents new music that engages with social and political issues, exploring music as communication, commentary, and catalyst for change, and promoting unheard stories, underserved voices, and fresh ideas. In 2012, Hindman joined the faculty at the Frost School of Music, where she is an Associate Professor of Composition



"This blog has always gravitated toward music that reflects the world around us. Even so, over the past nine years, there has never been such a relentless barrage of persistently troubled and often tortured sounds as the year of the lockdown has given us. Today is a welcome break from that. Dorothy Hindman is all about fun, whether in your face or in the distance. She writes meticulously intertwining, generally optimistic, energetic music: she’s a one-woman cloudbreak." [FULL ARTICLE]