Music of Gerald Busby

Music of Gerald Busby

A musical rest stop for rare individuals
Gerald Busby
Gerald Busby
Calvin Hampton
Donald Palma
Jenny Haydn Brown
Jerry Grossman
Kenneth Cooper
Michael Parloff
Wendy Young
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new classical

New York, NY

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Oct 11, 2005
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1 CD
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New York’s Chelsea Hotel calls itself a “Rest stop for rare individuals.” Some have stayed so long they call(ed) it home. They include W.S. Burroughs, Sid Vicious, Jimi Hendrix, Tennessee Williams, Leonard Cohen, Dylan Thomas, Virgil Thomson, and, since 1977, composer Gerald Busby (born 1935). 

Busby, precocious pianist and notoriously fabulous cook, writes music as quirky and bohemian as his surroundings: circus music for pipe organ and double harpsichord music for gymnasts are just two that appear on this CD. (Another unusual combination featuring three singers and a glass-eater is unfortunately not represented here.) 

He has written music for film and dance, theatrical chamber music, and dozens of other works in the repertoire of such distinguished performers as Thomas Hampson, Calvin Hampton, Jerry Grossman, Michael Parloff, and Kenneth Cooper. 

With notes by pianist Nurit Tilles, “Music of Gerald Busby” will introduce you to one of America’s gems (he might be that guy you always see in the hotel elevator) and have you waiting for the release of his next opus, a cookbook of Virgil Thomson’s favorite recipes. 

“Gerald Busby’s music for ‘3 Women’ is so perfect I don’t know how to talk about it.” — Robert Altman 

“Gerald Busby is an excellent composer, spontaneous, original, and a sincere workman.” — Virgil Thomson 

“Gerald Busby is a major talent.” — Paul Taylor 

This CD is produced by the Music Archive Initiative of the Estate Project for Artists Living with AIDS, a program of the Alliance for the Arts, and funded by the Aaron Copland Fund for Music Recording Program. 


Gerald Busby is an American gem -- no one else has ever written music that sounds remotely like his; my collaborations with gerald are some of the happiest experiences of my creative life, and i hope he lives forever.

By Craig Lucas

Dear Gerald, Your music is the real thing. Love, Ned.

By Ned Rorem