Heartbeats: Songs from Minnesota for the AIDS Quilt Songbook

Heartbeats: Songs from Minnesota for the AIDS Quilt Songbook

Poetry and art songs from the plague era
Aaron Jay Kernis
Carol Barnett
Carolyn Jennings
Cary John Franklin
Chris DeBlasio
Craig Carnahan
Daniel Kallman
David John Olson
Janika Vandervelde
John Harbison
John Musto
Libby Larsen
Richard Wilson
Stephen Houtz
William Bolcom
Aaron Jay Kernis
Bradley Greenwald
Brian Kent
Carolyn Geltzer
Cynthia Lohman
Douglas Shambo
Elizabeth Comeaux
James Bohn
John Jensen
Jorja Fleezanis
Maria Jette
Marsha Hunter
MCAE Womens Choir
Patricia Kent
Peter Halvorsen
Stephanie Wendt
Tom Linker
Tony Holt
William Huckaby
William Parker
Catalog Number: 
new classical
solo voice

Minneapolis, MN

Release Date: 
Dec 19, 1992
Liner Notes: 
1 CD
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Song TitleTimePrice
1.The Flute of the Interior02:53$0.99
2.The Enticing Lane09:02$0.99
3.Positive Women: Susan04:34$0.99
5.Let It Go04:47$0.99
6.Vaslav's Song02:39$0.99
7.We're All Pharaohs When We Die04:43$0.99
8.Domination of Black07:18$0.99
9.The Loons03:04$0.99
10.The Second Law04:28$0.99
11.When I Am Dead, My Dearest02:46$0.99
12.The Blue Animals05:54$0.99
14.The Impercebtibly As Grief03:00$0.99
15.Walt Whitman in 198904:10$0.99
One Sheet: 
The AIDS Quilt Songbook was conceived by the late baritone Will Parker as a continually growing collections of art songs articulating the range of emotions occasioned by the impact of the AIDS epidemic on society. This recording includes: premiére recordings of six new songs for soprano voice commissioned by Parker for his last public appearance at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis on December 1, 1992; premiére recordings of three songs for baritone voice from Parker's original collection not included on his earlier premiere Mundi compact disc; two new songs contributed to the Songbook by Aaron Jay Kernis and Cary John Franklin; alternative performances of previously recorded songs by John Harbison, William Bolcom, and Chris Deblasio; and a live recording of John Musto's songHeartbeats. from Parker's own intensely moving final public performance.

"To date, there have been two releases of music from the AIDS-Quilt Songbook, a compilation conceived by the later baritone William Parker. The first, on Harmonia Mundi, takes the crown, thanks to Parker's greater involvement, although the second, on innova, is actually a more varied recording, per se. Both remain urgently recommended, for all kinds of reasons . . . [Heartbeats] constitutes a gripping and powerful musical and emotional experience."

- John Lambert, Fanfare

"... repeated listenings reveal more and more of the pieces' beauty.... The power of this material and, ultimately, the CD itself is similar to the effect of the AIDS Memorial Quilt: [the] remembrance of the joy of life, of the people who come into our lives and then leave, and the release of sadness and pain."

- Sharon Smith, LA Reader