Here I Stand

Here I Stand

iSinging to change the world
Eriks Esenvalds
Ola Gjeilo
Daniel Elder
Adam Schoenberg
Bob Chilcott
Sarah Quartel
Claude Debussy
Karen Linford
Andrea Ramsey
iSing Silicon Valley
Catalog Number: 
#1 058
new classical

Palo Alto, CA

Release Date: 
Aug 28, 2020
Liner Notes: 
1 CD
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Here I Stand is the confident debut album of iSing Silicon Valley, the international-award-winning girls’ choir based in Silicon Valley, California. Here I Stand celebrates iSing’s focus on the power of girls to change the world as they raise their 200+ voices in remembrance, in strength, and in the pure, shared delight of coming together to sing.

The album opens with a transcendent performance of the treble-voice version of Ēriks Ešenvalds’ soaring, dreamlike work for solo voice and chorus, Only in Sleep. The program includes some of the stunning works commissioned by iSing during its first six seasons, with themes ranging from social justice, to individual growth and collective power. Among these: Never Shall I Forget, Adam Schoenberg’s haunting setting for treble voices, string quartet and percussion of excerpts from Elie Wiesel’s Holocaust memoir Night; Daniel Elder’s arrangements for iSing of his powerful commentary on gun violence, 365, and of In Your Light, his musical setting one of Rumi’s most ecstatic poems. Given first life on the concert stage and on this recording by iSing’s bright young singers, these commissions and commissioned arrangements make exciting, relevant additions to the repertoire for treble voices, here given definitive, top-notch renditions. The album artwork also includes original illustrations by a young choir alumna; together the package puts girls’ inspiring talents center stage in heartwarming fashion.

Listeners, prepare to be moved by the breadth of performance of iSing girls: The musical finesse and the stunning vocal blend of iSing’s elite choirs; the clarity of expression of the soloists; and — on the later tracks of the album — the lovely ensemble sound of younger iSing girls ranging in age from 7 to 12.

Founded in 2013 by Artistic Directors Jennah Delp-Somers and Shane Troll, iSing Silicon Valley brings together more than 300 young female singers in the Silicon Valley, offering them rigorous musical and vocal training while fostering artistry, community, and leadership.

In addition to presenting their own concerts to enthusiastic, sold-out houses in the region and appearing as guest artists on the Stanford Live series and at Festival Napa Valley, iSing has also now begun to achieve national and international recognition. Recent awards include the Grand Prize in the 8th International Robert Schumann Choral Competition (2018) and the Chorus America’s Dale Warland Singers Commission Award (2018), funded by the American Composers Forum. iSing has enjoyed collaborations with musical pioneer Meredith Monk and Vocal Ensemble, and the world-renowned vocal ensembles, Voces8 and Cappella SF.

iSing singers become friends for life, bonded by artistic experiences that challenge and shape their view of the world. Through singing and growing in iSing’s supportive community, they discover their vulnerability, uniqueness, and purpose. Their shared vision for a bright future in which the voices of these young women will be heard and valued, manifests itself in every rehearsal, every performance, and on iSing’s debut Here I Stand.



New Classical Tracks: iSing Silicon Valley empowers members and listeners alike [FULL ARTICLE]


"The iSing singers are noteworthy for their strong voices, crisp and accurate in attack, smooth in blend, and clean in articulation. The voices are produced with clarity and focus, often with surprising depth; some of the altos sound positively tenorial." [FULL ARTICLE] - Melinda Bargreen


"There are 200 or so singers who make up the multiple choirs of iSing Silicon Valley. It’s a choir that was founded less than ten years ago, but it’s already performed and toured extensively, and collaborated with artists like Meredith Monk and the choral ensembles Voces8 and Cappella SF."


"An impressive debut album from iSing Silicon Valley: titled Here I Stand (and released by Innova Recordings), this collection celebrates “the power of girls to change the world as they raise their voices in remembrance, in strength, and in the pure, shared delight of coming together to sing.” [FULL ARTICLE] - Thomas May


"The singing is in fact quite fine, and the accompanying instruments (pianos, string quartet, percussion and harp) are well-played and skillfully used to color the vocal lines, never to overwhelm or compete with them. The music itself is all attractive, and all of it sounds refreshing and sincere, even though some of the topics sung about (or hinted at) are on the darker side." [FULL ARTICLE]


“It all coheres into a portrait of young people who add a streak of seriousness to the usual youthful sun of girls' choirs, and it would seem that people are listening.” [FULL ARTICLE]