The Janus Remixes

The Janus Remixes

Exercises in auto-plundering
Mark Applebaum
Mark Applebaum
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new classical

Stanford, CA

Release Date: 
Jan 1, 1999
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Digital Only
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This collection of unlikely remixes is remarkable and varied: there are punchy, up-tempo techno grooves, trancy, haunting ambient tracks, collisions of morphing and fusing sounds, and strange stereo barrages.

From 1992 to 1996 Mark Applebaum composed The Janus Cycle, eleven solo, chamber, choral, and orchestral works for virtuoso musicians. The eleven works were performed and recorded. Then Applebaum hacked them to bits with his computer and painstakingly reassembled each one, making wild new pieces. The result are the Janus Remixes: bizarre and compelling modern musique concrete that turns the concert hall on its head. 

Mark Applebaum (b. Chicago, 1967) received his Ph.D. from the University of California at San Diego where he studied with Brian Ferneyhough. His music has been performed throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia with notable premieres at the Darmstadt sessions. He has received commissions from Betty Freeman, the Paul Dresher Ensemble, the American Composers Forum, and Zeitgeist, among others. The American Music Center awarded him the 1997 Stephen Albert Prize for most promising young composer. Applebaum has taught at UCSD and Carleton College; he is currently on the music faculty at Stanford University. 


"Ferneyhough meets the three stooges." - David Dunn


"Daring and seductive musings blending styles in a surprising way. of the most surprising, relevant and interesting records of 2000. I give this record my strongest recommendation." - Francois Couture


"There is high drama in the composer's startling remixes of his own heavily processed original works. From the intensifying circular repetitions of "Mt. Moriah Remix" and the sustained choral refrain of "Triple Remix" to the looped shards and textures of "Dead White Males Remix," the heavily processed arco dirge of the "Scipio Remix," and the brief "Tlon Remix." Applebaum is a composer at the forefront of combining original classical compositional techniques with cutting edge technology and the sensibility to creatively merge the two into utterly distinct terrain. Pioneering stuff." - Dave Lewis


"Endlessly inventive...a witty inversion of values" - Louise Gray