Sacred Choral Music of Robert Evett

Sacred Choral Music of Robert Evett

Liturgical gems
Robert Evett
Kerry Krebill
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new classical
in memoriam

Bethesda, MD

Release Date: 
Nov 25, 2001
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Digital Only
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Song TitleTimePrice
1.Prime: O God, Come to My Assistance00:48$0.99
2.Prime: Now That the Daylight Fills the Sky02:35$0.99
3.Prime: Psalm 23, "The Lord Is My Shepherd"04:20$0.99
4.Prime: Blessing00:36$0.99
5.What an Attractive Thing Is Judgement: What an Attractive Thing Is Judgment00:55$0.99
6.What an Attractive Thing Is Judgement: O Son, Help Your Father In His Old Age01:37$0.99
7.What an Attractive Thing Is Judgement: Whoever Honors His Father Atones for Sin00:57$0.99
8.Propers for the Second Sunday In Lent: Relieve the Troubles of My Heart01:00$0.99
9.Propers for the Second Sunday In Lent: Give Thanks to the Lord01:19$0.99
10.Propers for the First Mass of Christmas: Yours Is Princely Power01:31$0.99
11.Propers for the First Mass of Christmas: Alleluia02:04$0.99
12.Vespers: O God, Come to My Assistance00:47$0.99
13.Vespers: Psalm 109, "The Lord Said to My Lord"04:02$0.99
14.Vespers: Psalm 112, "Praise, You Servants of the Lord"04:39$0.99
15.Vespers: Psalm 147, "Glorify the Lord, O Jerusalem"04:28$0.99
16.Vespers: Who Shall Find a Valiant Woman?00:44$0.99
17.Vespers: the Praises of That Saint We Sing02:35$0.99
18.Vespers: Grace Is Poured Out00:23$0.99
19.Vespers: Magnificat04:03$0.99
20.4 Marian Antiphons: No. 1. Alma Redemptoris Mater01:47$0.99
21.4 Marian Antiphons: No. 2. Ave, Regina Coelorum02:30$0.99
22.4 Marian Antiphons: No. 3. Regina Coeli00:49$0.99
23.4 Marian Antiphons: No. 4. Salve Regina02:11$0.99
24.Compline: May the Almighty Lord00:52$0.99
25.Compline: I Confess to Almighty God02:13$0.99
26.Compline: O God, Come to My Assistance01:27$0.99
27.Compline: Have Mercy O Lord00:20$0.99
28.Compline: Psalm 4, "When I Call Answer Me, O My Just God"02:58$0.99
29.Compline: Psalm 90, "You Who Dwell In the Shelter of the Most High"06:34$0.99
30.Compline: Psalm 133, "Come Bless the Lord"01:37$0.99
31.Compline: Have Mercy…00:22$0.99
32.Compline: to Thee Before the Close of Day02:16$0.99
33.Compline: Nunc Dimittis03:43$0.99
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Robert Evett (1922-1975) was a highly esteemed American composer who was a major contributor to the cultural life of Washington, DC.

Evett composed in many genres, including orchestral and chamber music. His devout and personal choral pieces for the Catholic liturgy are undiscovered gems that deserve a wide hearing, not just on Sundays. The works on this disc, some a cappella, some with organ accompaniment, span music for Christmas and Lent, as well as the daily offices of Prime, Vespers and Compline. 

Masterfully sung by the 19 voices of Musikanten, the oldest choral chamber ensemble in the nation's capital, the music is given sublime interpretations in the warm environment of the Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church, Bethesda, MD. Conductor and founder of the group, Kerry Krebill, directs the expressive and precise performances that led Musikanten's previous CD to be nominated Choral CD of the Year by Chorus! Magazine. 



"Evett was a 20th [century] American Composer that produced an impressive body of sacred choral. While he was productive in many differing genres, the excellent recording from the 19 voices of Musikanten celebrates his lesser-known contributions to the Catholic liturgy." - Tom Schulte

"Sugary little anthems and mass settings…technically superb…attacks and releases in absolute synch, and dead-on intonation." - Steven Schwartz