To the Point

To the Point

From the heel to the point
Jennifer Higdon
Andrew Rudin
Gunther Schuller
Romeo Cascarino
Jay Reise
Orchestra 2001
James Freeman
Diane Monroe
Dorothy Freeman
Maria Bachmann
Catalog Number: 
new classical

Philadelphia, PA

Release Date: 
May 31, 2011
Liner Notes: 
1 CD
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A brilliant little overture, “To the Point,” by 2010 Pulitzer Prize-winner Jennifer Higdon opens this varied and intriguing new release by Philadelphia’s award-winning ensemble, Orchestra 2001.  

Included also are recent works by the indefatigable and incredibly versatile Gunther Schuller (“Concerto da Camera,” with the composer conducting), violin concertos by Philadelphians Jay Reise (with soloist 

Maria Bachmann) and Andrew Rudin (with soloist Diane Monroe), and Romeo Cascarino’s haunting paraphrase of Carl Sandburg’s poem “Grass.”   Artistic Director James Freeman conducts all but the Schuller.

 Orchestra 2001 is one of America’s most important champions of new music.  Through its concert series in Philadelphia and at Swarthmore College (where it is ensemble in residence), its previous recordings (for CRI, Albany, and Bridge Records), and its tours abroad (Russia, England, Denmark, Slovenia, and, most recently, the Salzburg Festival), Orchestra 2001 has brought new American music to countless fresh audiences.  Its name pointed to the future when the ensemble was founded in 1988.  With 22 years of landmark performances and recordings now behind it, the orchestra continues to provide a major focus for the best new music of our time.   We think this disc  - Orchestra 2001’s first with Innova Recordings - is one to be treasured, studied, and savored.


“[Orchestra 2001] occupies a place of such importance that a classical music community without it seems unimaginable.”

–  Peter Dobrin, The Philadelphia Inquirer