BABEL fragments

BABEL fragments

From Fracture to Fragments
Pat Muchmore
Pat Muchmore
Hubert Chen
Jean Cook
Kamala Sankaram
Ken Thomson
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new classical
solo voice

Woodside, NY

Release Date: 
Jul 29, 2016
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1 CD
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Song TitleTimePrice
1.f(f(4))[Kr]5s^1 18d^1:}{:Fr.I.a-k: A. Al-Gharaniq IIII Augsburg, Deutschland — Montag, 23. Mai01:41$0.99
2.f(f(4))[Kr]5s^1 18d^1:}{:Fr.I.a-k: B. bA_32. Budapest, Magyar Köztársaság — 2011. V. 30, hétfő01:51$0.99
3.f(f(4))[Kr]5s^1 18d^1:}{:Fr.I.a-k: C. bA_33. 2 Hillcrest, Ponca City, OK — 8/20/2011 8:01 AM02:14$0.99
4.f(f(4))[Kr]5s^1 18d^1:}{:Fr.I.a-k: D. Såizburg, Österreich — Dienstag, 26. Mai 18:4501:14$0.99
5.f(f(4))[Kr]5s^1 18d^1:}{:Fr.I.a-k: E. Al-Gharaniq IIIII:}{:bA_34 Wien, Österreich — Freitag, 27. Mai, 11:3101:09$0.99
6.f(f(4))[Kr]5s^1 18d^1:}{:Fr.I.a-k: F. bA_35 Train from Budapest to Praha — 2011. VI. 101:02$0.99
7.f(f(4))[Kr]5s^1 18d^1:}{:Fr.I.a-k: G. bA_36:}{:p@_iMps3s+ Theta 2809 Kingston, Ponca City, OK — Sun. 8/21/11 8:0302:14$0.99
8.f(f(4))[Kr]5s^1 18d^1:}{:Fr.I.a-k: H. Rosslyn, VA — Sat. June 18th, 21:4801:42$0.99
9.f(f(4))[Kr]5s^1 18d^1:}{:Fr.I.a-k: I. Füßen, Deutschland — Mittwoch, 25. Mai01:59$0.99
10.f(f(4))[Kr]5s^1 18d^1:}{:Fr.I.a-k: J. Praha, Ceská republika — čtvrtek, 2. června 12:5002:21$0.99
11.f(f(4))[Kr]5s^1 18d^1:}{:Fr.I.a-k: K. Erlangen, Deutschland (Andrea & Jenn's) Sonntag, 5. Juni 11:0302:27$0.99
12.BABEL(maya)—f(f(1)): I. PortRait_8,**NYC1003:46$0.99
13.BABEL(maya)—f(f(1)): II. bA_26.B/A/B/E/L/µbA_26.503:09$0.99
14.BABEL(maya)—f(f(1)): III. PortRait_9,**NYC1204:52$0.99
15.BABEL(maya)—f(f(1)): IV. BA_27.SH/E/SH/µbA_26.5/A/CH02:03$0.99
16.BABEL(maya)—f(f(1)): V. PortRaitS_10&11,**NYC201202:42$0.99
17.Fr.II.a-k: A. Astoria, NY — <11/11/11> 11:11 PM01:01$0.99
18.Fr.II.a-k: B. Mom's House, Ponca City, OK — Mon. 26th of Dec. 2011 10:2101:07$0.99
19.Fr.II.a-k: C. Sweet Afton Bar, Astoria, NY — Wed. Jan 25 2012 19:3801:13$0.99
20.Fr.II.a-k: D. Warn's Loft, Detroit, MI — Fri. Oct. 14 2011 11:0901:14$0.99
21.Fr.II.a-k: E. Warn's Loft, Detroit, MI — Sat. Oct. 15 2011 9:0501:35$0.99
22.Fr.II.a-k: F. Sarah Lawrence College, MF1, Bronxville, NY — Wed. Jan 25, 2012, Before Adv. Theory 13:5401:09$0.99
23.Fr.II.a-k: G. Miranda q2q, New York, NY — Jan 2 2012 17:1801:51$0.99
24.Fr.II.a-k: H. Deuter's House, Chicago, IL — 11/27/11 9:5701:05$0.99
25.Fr.II.a-k: I. ASM Mystery Machine, Detroit to NYC — Jan 2 2012 17:11 10/16/2011, Getting Car Sick 14:3100:41$0.99
26.Fr.II.a-k: J. Radisson BLU Aqua, CHICAGO, IL — 11/25/11 9:12 AM01:32$0.99
27.Fr.II.a-k: K. On the Miranda Set's Reënactment Disk, NYC – 11/16/12 17:4802:01$0.99
28.SHESHACH(maya)—f(f(3)): I. bA_30.f(x)/cantordust/f(f(x))/cant__dust/calm/f(f(f(f(x))))/c_t__d_t05:35$0.99
29.SHESHACH(maya)—f(f(3)): II. PortRaitS_12&13,**NYC1406:05$0.99
30.SHESHACH(maya)—f(f(3)): III. bA_31.BABEL/BbAaBbEeLl/BbgAarBbeEeeLlk/chaos02:51$0.99
31.SHESHACH(maya)—f(f(3)): IV. PortRait_4teen,**NYC201104:21$0.99
32.SHESHACH(maya)—f(f(3)): V. PortRait_15,**NYC'1105:39$0.99
One Sheet: 

The word “fracture” in the title of Anti-Social Music’s 2010 innova release, Fracture: The Music of Pat Muchmore, was more than a mere descriptor of the music it contained -- it was an overarching ethos about how the music was constructed. Now, Muchmore has shifted his focus from the fracturing to the fallout with BABEL fragments.

While there are still moments of active breaking, BABEL fragments mostly concerns itself with enigmatic, evocative musical shards that gesture toward a broken world beyond the destruction. It’s concerned with the apparent impossibility of true communication, with the frailty of language, with the frantic search for personal connection as a bulwark against disintegration. As John Jeremiah Sullivan said of the pre-Hispanic petroglyphs of America, “It's dangerous to read something when you can't really read it. And we can't. Try to see it. That's hard enough.”

The album features violinist Jean Cook (of ASM and Beauty Pill), violinist Hubert Chen (of ASM and the New York Repertory Orchestra) and saxophonist/clarinetist Ken Thomson (of Bang on a Can All-Stars, Asphalt Orchestra, Slow/Fast and gutbucket). The second piece features coloratura soprano Kamala Sankaram (of ASM, Bombay Rickey, the Wooster Group and the Tri-Centric Orchestra). Recorded and mixed at the rock- and heavy-metal-focused studio Spaceman Sound, BABEL fragments was produced by Tom Tierney (of Tidal Arms, Julie Christmas and Suncruiser), who has recorded, mixed and/or mastered for artists and bands like Netherlands, Candiria and Kid Millions.



Praise for Fracture: The Music of Pat Muchmore:

“The chaos lies somewhere between John Zorn's Naked City skronk and a nightmarish noir score, a little bit organ-grinder meets meat grinder. But there's more to this than wild, antagonizing dissonance.”

—Mia Clarke, Time Out Chicago

“Fracture is the musical equivalent of a box of chocolates, with none of the chocolates being the real sweet, milky pieces. No sir, this is the dark, hard stuff, and if you prefer your candy undiluted and strong that way, Anti-Social Music has a Whitman's Sampler for you.”

—Pico, Something Else

"[M]any short, abstract, chaotic pieces inspired by broken worlds and the impossibility of communication and true human connection. Meticulously detailed movements give fleeting impressions of cohesiveness, but shatter and disintegrate before your ears, as the radio dial turns and new and obscure sounds come into focus. ... Sophisticated skronk." [FULL ARTICLE]
Louie Caliente