Neither From Nor Towards

Neither From Nor Towards

Belgium, Peru, Argentina and USA in harmony
Eric Honour
Fernando Benadon
HyeKyung Lee
Keith Carpenter
Kevin Walczyk
Marco Antonio Mazzini
Rafael Leonardo Junchaya
Thelema Trio
Ward De Vleeschhouwer
Peter Verdonck
Marco Antonio Mazzini
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new classical

Ghent, Belgium

Release Date: 
Dec 11, 2011
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1 CD
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Neither From Nor Towards…, the second full-CD of this promising Belgian trio, features exclusively compositions for saxophones, clarinets and piano which have been written for Thelema Trio by composers from North and South America. The trio has worked intensively with these composers during their concert tours in both continents over the past years. Neither From Nor Towards… is the fascinating result of an international and multicultural confrontation between musical minds. 

The trio breaks not only geographical but even more musical boundaries. The music on this CD reveals many different contemporary composition styles, varying from a filmic carpet to a rather avant-garde sound. This record tells the story of composers and performers, and takes the listener on a personal and thrilling exploration of an exquisite landscape of rhythms and colours. Composer Eric Honour didn’t only create an outstanding piece that lent its title to this new album, but he also accepted the task of producer and recording engineer. 

With this record Thelema Trio assembles a musical bouquet in which both their technical velocity and intriguing sound colour are expressed. The continuous striving for virtuosity and colour, is always the main motivation for this trio which was founded in 2003. 

Ward De Vleeschhouwer, piano
Peter Verdonck, saxophones
Marco Antonio Mazzini, clarinets 

Why "Thelema?" In the late 19th Century and early 20th Century occultist Aleister Crowley wrote his book "The Law Of Thelema". In this book he states his philosophy, of which the main rule was "DO WHAT THOU WILT SHALL BE THE WHOLE OF THE LAW". This law had only one thing to keep in mind, which was not to hurt anybody in doing so.

Thelema Trio has no occult interests, but the trio absolutely supports the main rule in their music. These three young musicians make their own choices and play the music they like. Every interpretation and performance is according to their own feeling and will, and that of the composer. Therefore this name was very determining and describing for what Ward, Marco and Peter believe in, and most of all... DO.


The Thelema Trio’s modular nature, even within the context of being a trio, is one of its primary strengths and they strut their stylistic, coloristic, versatile stuff with this collection of pieces. No two works share the same instrumentation nor do any of the compositions share the same sound world. The only performer not showcased with a solo feature of some sort is the pianist but Ward De Vleeschhouwer is a superb collaborative artist who can highlight his abilities within a chamber music setting. Peter Verdonck has excellent tone and energy on alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones and Marc Antonio Mazzini has a lithe and supple sound on standard or bass clarinet. Together, the two reed players have a perfectly communal sound quality. Each piece on the disc showcases the Thelema Trio’s mercuriality.- Jay Batzner, Sequenza 21