What happens when the boss is out to lunch
Tim Kaiser
Tim Kaiser
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homemade instruments

Duluth, MN

Release Date: 
Jun 12, 2007
Digital Only
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Song TitleTimePrice
1.Beguine Ring06:04$0.99
2.Sleeper Cell02:19$0.99
4.Red Sky At Morning01:46$0.99
5.Oscillator Day04:00$0.99
6.Song of a Baby01:53$0.99
7.Yesterday - Tomorrow04:39$0.99
8.Standing At Avenue02:26$0.99
10.Like a Circle04:01$0.99
11.La Dictee Magique03:21$0.99
12.Dinosaur Bones04:18$0.99
13.Last Shovel Down01:59$0.99
One Sheet: 

Duluth, Minnesota, is not where you’d expect to find Tim Kaiser, but you’d be dead wrong. He’s the guy with the obsolete gadgetry at the back of various coffee shops and art galleries making that Post-Modern folk music. More than a lofty tinker, though, his music is as delightful as his contraptions: sonorous loops and wacky machine-vocals, with a decidedly analog bent. You can almost hear the Bakelite singing… 

One day while scrounging for parts, Kaiser stopped by the local electronics recycling facility and noticed a very large stack of unpopulated circuit boards (coincidentally the approximate size of a CD). He asked one of the techs if they were for sale. The tech said, "I don't know- heck, why not? I'll have to ask the boss how much." However, the boss was out to lunch at the time. So the tech said, "Just make them go away." And Kaiser did. A trip to the sheet metal works and the hardware store completed the parts needed. 

It took several weeks of drilling holes and grinding the metal corners to come to the finished product. The package was a perfect fit for Kaiser's music and maniacal zeal for the hand-made. Can you say “Grammy Award for Design and Packaging”? 

This is ingenious music of happy accidents; a two-year labor of love and sweat that just might make your secret dreams come true. 

There are no limits to the creativity in this package, but there are to how many exist. Only 500 are available, signed and numbered by the artist, and produced by Logan Erickson.