New Classical

Artist: Robert Moran
Composers: Robert Moran, Philip Blackburn
Performers: Trinity Youth Chorus, Member of Trinity Choir Trinity Wall Street, Robert Ridgell
Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of September 11, 2001
Artist: Anthony de Mare
Composers: Derek Bermel, Jerome Kitzke, Laurie Anderson
Performers: Anthony de Mare
The Speaking-Singing Pianist
Artist: Barton McLean
Composers: Barton McLean
Performers: Barbara DeChario, Barton McLean, E. Michael Richards
At one with nature and computers
Artist: NYFA Music/Sound Fellows
Composers: Annie Gosfield, David van Tieghem, Joseph Bertolozzi
Performers: Nicolas Maza, Samuel Claiborne, Elliott Sharp
25 Years of New York New Music
Artist: Joel Harrison
Composers: Joel Harrison
Performers: Joel Harrison, Todd Reynolds, Christian Howes
The wheel that links two worlds.
Artist: Ron George
Composers: Ben Johnston, John Bergamo, Ron George
Performers: Ron George
Percussion with personality
Artist: Janika Vandervelde
Composers: Janika Vandervelde, Judy McGuire
Performers: Minnesota Chorale
Beyond "Peter and the Wolf" on the Island of Music
Artist: Innova Recordings
Composers: innova merch
Performers: innova merch
Strut our stuff
Artist: Alexander String Quartet
Composers: Robert Greenberg, David Dzubay, Marjorie Hess
Performers: Alexander String Quartet
Four quartets
Artist: Dale Warland Singers
Composers: Mary Ellen Childs, Stephen Paulus, Steve Barnett
Performers: Dale Warland Singers
Choral gems
Artist: Kallman Stokes Aubart Davidson Macy
Composers: Daniel Kallman, Eric Stokes, Michael J. Aubart
Performers: the Saxophone Quartet, Eric Finney, Scott Hyslop
Reedy blasts from the past
Artist: Schoenfield Childs Dunner Ultan Campbell
Composers: Paul Schoenfield, Mary Ellen Childs, Leslie B. Dunner
Performers: Young-Nam Kim, Peter Howard, Paul Schoenfield
Oldies but goldies
Artist: Tibbetts Olson Gwiazda Devine Moriarty
Composers: Steve Tibbetts, Mike Olson, Henry Gwiazda
Performers: Steve Tibbetts, Marc Anderson, Mike Olson
It all started here